Saturday, December 31, 2011

I've been having some trouble with corrupted drivers to my XFX 5970 Black edition.. Can't currently play for more than 5 minutes in Battlefield 3 before tiny random flashing boxes appear out of nowhere... And i can say that its ONLY in bf3 and its with the LATEST drivers.. So i guess i will go back down to ...11.11c i think i had earlier? D: ...Or werent i using 12.1 ... Cant remember haha.

Well i'm going to bed abit earlier tonight as its New years eve tommorow and i want to be able to play abit before the party starts haha :-D!

Sleep well my young padawans! :3

Just a chill song to listen to:

I love it, its calm...slow & kind off sad..Perfect to play with if you mute bf3, looks like its from some dramatic scene in a movie :3..

Ill start linking more videos with music and such too! :-)

Friday, December 30, 2011


Aiiightt... I have some time over now..I've eaten alot of food and then birthday cake after it so now im STUFFED! D: ...

The adventure bathhouse was quite fun. It had quite alot of fun stuff to do so me & my friends had fun, wrestled and just had a good time there. Then after we had showered and all that we went home to 1 of our friends aunt i think? And ate some kind of fish, shrimp & vegetables soup with bread and it was extremly delicious (perhaps as i love all kind of fish / sea food + meat :3 ) and then cake after that..

I've had quite a bit of bad luck and it has resulted in 5 straight losses (Champions: Trundle, xin zhao x2, nidalee, skarner)..

The game with trundle was...Wow... As simply i had some of the worst players ever! Ended up as 3-7-3 as when the enemies had over pushed and my friends was at 90% hp and i came for a gank..they decide to b just as i say "GO!" and jump out bushes and use the pillar and such which resulted in a bunch of really quick painful deaths..think it was talon + vayne = alot of dmg if i dont get help with CC from blitzcrank & alistar (Those 2 players were both russians..mid was also russian and they didnt say a single word in english lol)

The other games with nidalee & xin zhao went ok..First time playing those heroes so xin zhao games ended up with 5-6-3 and 6-8-7, nidalee 4-10-6.. & then the last skarner game 1-7-3 as we had 3 dcers.. (Bot lane which had tristana + yorick managed to die 3 / 5 times each in the first 15m, couldnt do that much with a fed shyvana and corki i think it was..

But now i will be afk for a hour or so...Gonna sit with the family & eat more stuff (insane how much ive eaten the last days lol) and then play! Bf3 woooh!

Oh if anyone wonders: Im a PURE PC player, i never play on consoles! D:
Will write abit later tonight when i've celebrated my sister that's turning 20 years old today! :-)... Will write about the games today & the adventure bathing place and other stuff!

Cya in a few hours.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

First ranked game ! :-)

Won my first ranked game earlier today! Played as Udyr jungle and it went quite ok...I had some nasty sitatuations where i got group ganked so i ended up with the stats 3/5/14. Should have had alot more kills if it wasnt that i had a akali, vayne, irelia and soraka in my team ;-)..Quite hard to get the last hits with those fast last hitting champions! :-).. But im happy with the results!

Played a total of 6 games today! 3 wins & 3 looses. Cassio, Udyr, trundle was the champs i've played!

Also played some Battlefield 3 and i gotta say that the new support weapon "type 88" is just as good as it used to be in Battlefield 2! I managed to get a killing spree of 9 kills with it earlier! Sadly i wasnt frapsing at that moment (had some performance issues during that round, sharqi + my comp + fraps settings = aint a good combo!)

Tommorow imma go to some kind of bathhouse / adventure place with a bunch of friends and just have fun...So i wont be back @ home until later around 16-18 (Swedish time).

Oh and i hope that most of you see the blog in English now as i changed the settings for language & time @ the blog.  Some of you had mentioned that in the comments! :-)

Well have a good night or something..haha

Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Woke up for a few hours ago and finished fixing the floor (we didnt finish all the ledges in the know those pieces of wood that you have between the floor / wall to make it look nice :3..)

I've played 2 matches so far both as skarner. The first game went quite well, got FB on the enemy jungler but they had a Jarvan IV that either was a very bad player or feeding on purpose..Diving towers at lvl 2 and such..

Then the second game i jungled once again as skarner. If you've played skarner you know that its rather hard to gank pre-6 due to that you cant really CC people and kill em..But this team constantly told me to & got upset when i got us a double at bottom and didnt help at top (our irelia tried to solo blitz + kennen when she was low @ hp)..

Later on it went better but sadly got us a defeat..Chogath & Lux on my team was a premade apparently and called me feeder. Who do you think is the feeder by looking at the stats? :-D.. Eu - East / nordic has really stupid players sometimes.. Lux told me to attack the whole enemy team when they were destroying the last tower at mid lane before our base..When i had like 300 hp & most of the enemy team were at 20-50% hp..but irelia that stood in the bushes behind em with full hp didnt do anything..

Nah..Its time to go to the bank as i need to sign some papers apparently & reactivate my card (my old card snapped in half when i had paid at the local supermarket )


First skarner game :-)..

Just had my first game as Skarner, Went as jungle as i love to jungle! :-)... I'm suprised over how powerful he can be mid game / late, was semi unkillable when we won Oo...

But that enemy team werent the best either or so...But gonna play him more! Im sure of that! :-)..

Well its 01.31 AM in sweden now so i gotta sleep...Slept bad last night, ill get back to playing tommorow morning! nighty

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Want to keep track of me playing?

Forgot to add that if some1 that doesnt play at Eu-NE wants to keep track of my progress in League of Legends. :-)

Time to start playing a few LoL matches..Thinking of playing as Garen as tanky, its funny how you're basicly completly unstoppable while dominating people ^^.

Who am i & Why should you read my blog? D:

Well... I guess most of my readers wont be from Sweden & will be gamers!

I'm a 19 year old gamer from Sweden that is still studying, I'm taking 2 horseback riding lessons and is progressing extremly fast (some see me as a natural talent lol) so on Mondays & Thursdays i wont write that often at the evening.

I'm mostly playing League of Legends, Team fortress 2, Battlefield 3 and such atm.

I'm the Clanleader of the semi-serious clan "Eyelander Garde" that basicly dominated the whole "" servers (just go on em in tf2..for example only and write top 1 and you'll see that we're quite many of the top 1-10 that is Eyelander Garde players lol), But currently we are having a break as we simply played tf2 to much lol (For basicly 6 months we all played 6hours minimum a day on those some of us study we're having a break atm)

In League of Legends im a lvl 30 summoner on Europe- east / nordic servers. I mostly play as supports / Junglers / tanks... those are the roles that has grabbed my attention the most as i love helping my team & having an important role, I'm aiming currently to learn all the heroes very well and go up in ELO ! :-) Havent started ranked yet (as 1 of my friends basicly scared me away from it lol) and is gonna start playing in Ranked really soon. I already have a quite good setup team from a few different countries.

Battlefield 3? Ofc i play it..Like everyone else Oo..
I like to be support / medic to help the team and i love Close combat with shotguns! Those are zeh beasts!

I used to play World of warcraft too... I started playing back in 2005 and kept playing until march this year without ANY breaks... I simply lost my interest for the game.

I played at Vashj as "Stompen" (A gnome warrior, Was a member of the semi-famous guild The cunning stunts), Chobicz @ Ragnaros (Steadfast and other guilds), Conradiminja @ deathwing (earlier on ragnaros too) in the guild Hegira..

Its sad that i stopped playing that game since i met extremly many people that i still talk to daily & have met IRL...Perhaps i will take it up again someday..Dunno tho..

Well if you like to read about a gamer that will try to report daily about my progress & matches and daily life then you'll love it.

I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible & will ofc link good gaming music, tips and such for ya'll.


Chillin' today!


Today's been quite chill. I've just been playing a couple of League of legends matches (Mainly as Garen & Udyr jungle). Most of em went Ok..But i had one match as Udyr where we had a Talon that went for AP (dont ask me why lol, never seen it before..and at 25 mins he had died about 17 times i think :-D..Most of those kills went to trynda = i got my face punched in so badly haha :-D..

Then later during the day my dad helped me to fix the new floor in my apartment...It took us a couple of hours  and theres still stuff to do but its worth it...I love it :-).