Thursday, December 29, 2011

First ranked game ! :-)

Won my first ranked game earlier today! Played as Udyr jungle and it went quite ok...I had some nasty sitatuations where i got group ganked so i ended up with the stats 3/5/14. Should have had alot more kills if it wasnt that i had a akali, vayne, irelia and soraka in my team ;-)..Quite hard to get the last hits with those fast last hitting champions! :-).. But im happy with the results!

Played a total of 6 games today! 3 wins & 3 looses. Cassio, Udyr, trundle was the champs i've played!

Also played some Battlefield 3 and i gotta say that the new support weapon "type 88" is just as good as it used to be in Battlefield 2! I managed to get a killing spree of 9 kills with it earlier! Sadly i wasnt frapsing at that moment (had some performance issues during that round, sharqi + my comp + fraps settings = aint a good combo!)

Tommorow imma go to some kind of bathhouse / adventure place with a bunch of friends and just have fun...So i wont be back @ home until later around 16-18 (Swedish time).

Oh and i hope that most of you see the blog in English now as i changed the settings for language & time @ the blog.  Some of you had mentioned that in the comments! :-)

Well have a good night or something..haha


  1. gotta agree with you about the type 88, it's really killer