Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First skarner game :-)..

Just had my first game as Skarner, Went as jungle as i love to jungle! :-)... I'm suprised over how powerful he can be mid game / late, was semi unkillable when we won Oo...

But that enemy team werent the best either or so...But gonna play him more! Im sure of that! :-)..

Well its 01.31 AM in sweden now so i gotta sleep...Slept bad last night, ill get back to playing tommorow morning! nighty


  1. like your posts man, but could you set your blog interface to english, so everyone can appreciate?

    thanks in advance! :D

  2. I love these posts. I have a few friends from swedan! lol

  3. I can't read some of this either. I have to guess because my blog is in English. I know where some of it is just because of location, otherwise I'd have no idea.