Friday, December 30, 2011


Aiiightt... I have some time over now..I've eaten alot of food and then birthday cake after it so now im STUFFED! D: ...

The adventure bathhouse was quite fun. It had quite alot of fun stuff to do so me & my friends had fun, wrestled and just had a good time there. Then after we had showered and all that we went home to 1 of our friends aunt i think? And ate some kind of fish, shrimp & vegetables soup with bread and it was extremly delicious (perhaps as i love all kind of fish / sea food + meat :3 ) and then cake after that..

I've had quite a bit of bad luck and it has resulted in 5 straight losses (Champions: Trundle, xin zhao x2, nidalee, skarner)..

The game with trundle was...Wow... As simply i had some of the worst players ever! Ended up as 3-7-3 as when the enemies had over pushed and my friends was at 90% hp and i came for a gank..they decide to b just as i say "GO!" and jump out bushes and use the pillar and such which resulted in a bunch of really quick painful deaths..think it was talon + vayne = alot of dmg if i dont get help with CC from blitzcrank & alistar (Those 2 players were both russians..mid was also russian and they didnt say a single word in english lol)

The other games with nidalee & xin zhao went ok..First time playing those heroes so xin zhao games ended up with 5-6-3 and 6-8-7, nidalee 4-10-6.. & then the last skarner game 1-7-3 as we had 3 dcers.. (Bot lane which had tristana + yorick managed to die 3 / 5 times each in the first 15m, couldnt do that much with a fed shyvana and corki i think it was..

But now i will be afk for a hour or so...Gonna sit with the family & eat more stuff (insane how much ive eaten the last days lol) and then play! Bf3 woooh!

Oh if anyone wonders: Im a PURE PC player, i never play on consoles! D:


  1. you should play on consoles! just to get a dfferent comparison

  2. WOO PC!!! I can't wait for Rocksmith to come out on PC. It's already out on console, but we have to wait until MAY for it to come out on PC... BOO!

  3. Heskew: Well i used to play abit on consoles (not online tho), I only got a xbox 360 for GTA IV when it came out...But then i got that game on PC ofc..But the only games i rarely play on my xbox 360 is Ace combat 6 / Ninja gaiden 2 (Still trying to get thrue that game at HARD...Its insanely difficult..I dont want to know how hard master ninja is :( ...)

    J indeed! :-D...I love those type of games, guitar hero was abit to simple really. but its fun! Will be an awsome game!