Saturday, December 31, 2011

I've been having some trouble with corrupted drivers to my XFX 5970 Black edition.. Can't currently play for more than 5 minutes in Battlefield 3 before tiny random flashing boxes appear out of nowhere... And i can say that its ONLY in bf3 and its with the LATEST drivers.. So i guess i will go back down to ...11.11c i think i had earlier? D: ...Or werent i using 12.1 ... Cant remember haha.

Well i'm going to bed abit earlier tonight as its New years eve tommorow and i want to be able to play abit before the party starts haha :-D!

Sleep well my young padawans! :3

Just a chill song to listen to:

I love it, its calm...slow & kind off sad..Perfect to play with if you mute bf3, looks like its from some dramatic scene in a movie :3..

Ill start linking more videos with music and such too! :-)


  1. Just roll back your drivers to a previous version until the new ones come out.
    I've had trouble with drivers before, it's really frustrating!
    Happy new year!

  2. Let me guess: You're running 64 bit Windows 7?