Wednesday, December 28, 2011



Woke up for a few hours ago and finished fixing the floor (we didnt finish all the ledges in the know those pieces of wood that you have between the floor / wall to make it look nice :3..)

I've played 2 matches so far both as skarner. The first game went quite well, got FB on the enemy jungler but they had a Jarvan IV that either was a very bad player or feeding on purpose..Diving towers at lvl 2 and such..

Then the second game i jungled once again as skarner. If you've played skarner you know that its rather hard to gank pre-6 due to that you cant really CC people and kill em..But this team constantly told me to & got upset when i got us a double at bottom and didnt help at top (our irelia tried to solo blitz + kennen when she was low @ hp)..

Later on it went better but sadly got us a defeat..Chogath & Lux on my team was a premade apparently and called me feeder. Who do you think is the feeder by looking at the stats? :-D.. Eu - East / nordic has really stupid players sometimes.. Lux told me to attack the whole enemy team when they were destroying the last tower at mid lane before our base..When i had like 300 hp & most of the enemy team were at 20-50% hp..but irelia that stood in the bushes behind em with full hp didnt do anything..

Nah..Its time to go to the bank as i need to sign some papers apparently & reactivate my card (my old card snapped in half when i had paid at the local supermarket )


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  1. I know what you mean... sometimes it's hard to find good teamwork