Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Who am i & Why should you read my blog? D:

Well... I guess most of my readers wont be from Sweden & will be gamers!

I'm a 19 year old gamer from Sweden that is still studying, I'm taking 2 horseback riding lessons and is progressing extremly fast (some see me as a natural talent lol) so on Mondays & Thursdays i wont write that often at the evening.

I'm mostly playing League of Legends, Team fortress 2, Battlefield 3 and such atm.

I'm the Clanleader of the semi-serious clan "Eyelander Garde" that basicly dominated the whole "Saigns.de" servers (just go on em in tf2..for example saigns.de//badlands only and write top 1 and you'll see that we're quite many of the top 1-10 that is Eyelander Garde players lol), But currently we are having a break as we simply played tf2 to much lol (For basicly 6 months we all played 6hours minimum a day on those servers..as some of us study we're having a break atm)

In League of Legends im a lvl 30 summoner on Europe- east / nordic servers. I mostly play as supports / Junglers / tanks... those are the roles that has grabbed my attention the most as i love helping my team & having an important role, I'm aiming currently to learn all the heroes very well and go up in ELO ! :-) Havent started ranked yet (as 1 of my friends basicly scared me away from it lol) and is gonna start playing in Ranked really soon. I already have a quite good setup team from a few different countries.

Battlefield 3? Ofc i play it..Like everyone else Oo..
I like to be support / medic to help the team and i love Close combat with shotguns! Those are zeh beasts!

I used to play World of warcraft too... I started playing back in 2005 and kept playing until march this year without ANY breaks... I simply lost my interest for the game.

I played at Vashj as "Stompen" (A gnome warrior, Was a member of the semi-famous guild The cunning stunts), Chobicz @ Ragnaros (Steadfast and other guilds), Conradiminja @ deathwing (earlier on ragnaros too) in the guild Hegira..

Its sad that i stopped playing that game since i met extremly many people that i still talk to daily & have met IRL...Perhaps i will take it up again someday..Dunno tho..

Well if you like to read about a gamer that will try to report daily about my progress & matches and daily life then you'll love it.

I'll try to make it as entertaining as possible & will ofc link good gaming music, tips and such for ya'll.



  1. Step up to Guitar Hero ;)

  2. Step up? Thats more like a step down haha :-)..Used to play it some...100% PC player here!