Sunday, January 29, 2012

Im so tiired!

Alright, Im DEAD TIRED & feeling like a bag of dirt lol..

Took a picture of the muffins i made yesterday :3..I can only describe them as "chocolate orgy"... Looks like standard muffins but on the inside they are all soft & liquid and warm...*Do want*

Had to wake up at 05.55 this morning so i could eat breakfast & fix myself before going to the stables and arrive there in time...IM NOT USED TO GOING UP THIS EARLY@_@...

Well, i got there and there was ALOT TO DO.. Seriously, i've had these "on call helper days" earlier..but it has never been this much to do...We were a total of 4 people there now, but it still took 3 hours of constant work to be done for the "morning"..So at 11.00 we were done, by that time i had:
-Cleaned 15 stalls (cleaned = taken out all the poo, pee and other stuff from the horses stalls)
-Cleaned all the water buckets
-Refilled all the buckets
-Gave all the horses oats & minerals
-Took all the horses outside
-Removed all the ice & refilled the water for the horses outdoors

It may not sound as that "much"... But considering that we have a total of...around 30 horses its alot of work to do with each horse.. (15 ponnies, 11 Horses, 4 extra horses that is in our stables over the weekend).

These are the pony stalls:
And here is a couple of the horses boxes (there is a "cold" stable too, which i didnt take a picture of, where the rest of them are):

Also recorded abit when me & another guy was outside refilling the big horses water (the "milk can" that we use to refill the water outside when its frozen (the water is warm) can take like..70 you have to be 2 persons to lift it).

The horses are always so curious about what we are doing and everything is scary to them...You can hear the guy saying "söt" (means cute in swedish haha)..

(Should be a movie here, I'm having trouble uploading it so i'll do it later)

Well...I had to go back to the stables around 14.00 to take all the horses inside, check so they weren't injured..and give them food! Also cleaned a sick horse (diarrea, had poo all over its tail & leg :-/..)

Well..What have i done since then? I've played LoL ofc! And the results of today's matches is....:
I like changing champs every match :3...Also...Karthus ultimate is so wonderful <3:

If anyone kills me, i'll bring their team with me!

Tommorow i will probably start a tiny blog thingy that is basicly...That everyday i do a post about something on a list like.."Myself, family, Interests" and such.

And im thinking about writing some more guides too & remaking the blog abit, to make it easier to categorize..

Sleep well !

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Another thingy..

Gotta say that im very happy to see that my viewers / readers number are quite steady & got active people reading! :-D..Makes me happy !

Nighty ^^


Im slacking with my girlfriend atm...We've been eating so much o_O.... Our dinner was 2 chops of meat each (big chops!) and potatos & mushrooms, wonderful combination <3...

Then i made muffins that's called "Fondant muffins"...its basicly dark chocolate muffins on the outside & on the inside its all thick and sticky liquid chocolate..OM NOM NOM! And to finish this off we had popcorn and fruit candy... And we watched "E.T" (Love that movie, its the one from the 1982).

What are we going to do now? Well im gonna take a shower, then change all the stuff in the bed so its fresh to sleep at when we've showered...Then sleeeep! As im going to the stables tommorow to help at 07.00 T___T..

I played 2 matches today in LoL...I can only describe those 2 games as a complete failure..First game: Me as Leona for my first time, i like her!...But we met a 4 man premade team with perfect teamplay..and my team was full of russians...YAY..

Second game was not to bad...Played as Master Yi in the Jungle & AD, But my team was full of polish people (they had PL in their name).... Dear god they were incompetent... Couldnt focus right, every1 ran to different parts of the maps, ran into lanes all alone when they were 2-5 on 1...

Well..I just got out of the shower (stopped writing for a lil while) and is going to brush my teeth then go to sleeeeep! :-)..

Tommorow: Stables, Play, Study (Physics, energy), Be with my girlfriend and go to her and say hi to their new dog :-)!...

Well i try to blog tommorow, will post pictures of our stables too! And other stuff as my room! Nighty folks!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2 epic vids before i go to sleep lol..

2 awsome battlefield 3 vids i found earlier haha :-D..

And then this hilarious video..Gotta love all the strange stuff that happends in battlefield sometimes..

Random post \o/

Decided to blog abit more before going to bed :-)... Played some more LoL ^^... As karthus, kennen... Went ok, lost the kennen game as we had a extremly stupid corki that had like..2-15-2 or so, played super aggresive vs a fed trynda lol..

Also just got to know that 1 of my friends is at the emergency clinic because he apparently failed some stunt when snowboarding and has stretched his spine or something is broken lol... Well atleast hes happy as always, as he is posting pics at facebook..Like a vid of him singing "21.30, 22.30, 23.30 thumb in my back sausage in my anus"... He loves singing random stuff like that haha so atleast hes clear in his head ^^..

Well i gotta sleep now, pics of my room should come tommorow...I finished the cleaning earlier (yay)

Sleep well people! :-))

New hidden OP lol..

So by mistake or whatever i would call it...i've find something that is semi-hidden OP :-D..

When i was going to play for a few days ago i thought about going as kennen AP as usual, But when i was at the choose champion screen i saw that 1 guy was having connection problem (so i thought aya..we will get a rejoin then.) & at the same time my girlfriend called about the jumping competition we was at yesterday. So i alt-tabed out (had already chosen kennen but forgot to change masteries + runes..Which was my trynda setup lol) which i saw in the last second before it started loading...

So i tried it out and dear god its good! D: .... Building kennen with ARP reds, armor yellows, MR per lvl blues & ad quints & 21/9/0 masteries = win win win!

Your AA range is perfect for poking, so you can win your lane easily just by poking people all the time, the W scales well with AD + its passive bonus (5x stacks = 80% of ur AD as bonus damage)...

Just get some attack speed (berserk greaves, phantom blades, inf blade) and damage and you will be slaughtering the team while avoiding the team due to your 620 movement speed with E \o/, Impossible to gank with flash+ignite too ^^..

Gonna eat then play! Cheers.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Suddenly! A wild snow storm appears!

Seriously... Snow snow snow...Yesterday before i went to bed there was NO snow outside & i was like "yaaay for a no-snow winter :-D!"..Then when i woke up at 06.50 (went to bed at like..01:40) and looked outside everything was covered in snow... Seriously, in around 5 hours, it has dropped about 10-15cm of snow..Insane! And the temperature outside went from around 0c to -8 / -10 or so..

Im currently studying biology..girlfriend is watching Bones at the TV while i sit here in the kitchen & study.. Lets hope its an easy test tommorow..

I played some yesterday too, and i <3 akali..So easy to win when playing her against bad players..

Today (tommorow..sunday)..

I wont be blogging i think today, I'm going to a horse jumping competition with the school im riding at.
Gotta be there at 08.30 so i gotta start walking like..07.45..

Someof you people asked about the cleaning, im not using dry cloths to wipe the dust "off", I use a wet piece of cloth..the kind that u use when cleaning, then i swab the floor -> vaccum clean it and so on. :-)..

I'll take pictures at Monday when i get back! :-)).

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear god....

Seriously, i cant understand how...A few days after i've cleaned my room and so its all tidy and everything is where it should be... Then suddenly, its all messy again, Dust everywhere & so..

I'm cleaning my room at the moment as its so messy. When i've cleaned it all i can upload some pics of my room :-)...

Geh...Gotta clean zeh computer too... <3 compressed air in a can...So easy to clean it with it

Reason of the absense..

Ok..The reason i havent been blogging is simply..I havent had time!

I've had alot to study & write to the school.. I've had a chemistry report, Biology report to write & send in..both was a few pages long. Then i'm studying for a biology test at Monday, its genetics that im studying... Next Thursday we have a test in physics too so simply its alot going on at the moment.

I've been playing some LoL ofc when i've had time & Bf3.. I've played some Akali, Fiddle & Annie..

Akali is rather OP in the fact..that if you get 1 kill, then you can snowball the whole game & pentakill easily.

I'm watching the movie "Johnny English" at the moment, i've seen it a few times but i still like it :-)... Gonna paly some tommorow as im to tired atm..

Friday, January 20, 2012



I can blogg again woho! I'll explain tommorow morning why i havent been able to... Had some problems and such haha ^^, Nothing bad but rather wierd :-D..

Time to sleeep!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hilarious game..

^ is the result of a semi-troll game lol..

When we started selecting champs Sona locked first & karthus, i was going kaylee support i had decided before the game..Then we said "GO SORAKA TOO!"...

4 support and 1 karthus, That was AWSOME... Seriously, the burst we had late game was increadible + the heals.. Karthus had no problem killing em all for us + look at all the assists :-D..

Thats 1 good game to finish this otherwise awsome sunday off :3..

Time to sleep folk's!

Nighty :))

Chilling at gf&apos;s house..

When we woke up.. We saw that it had snowed during the night :(.. We hate snow!! (she lives at a farm, they have horses, cows & such..) she's going out for a while with her horses so I guess I'll sleep or something! :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Q&A time! Weeee~

I'll answer some questions that i've gotten thrue the comments here & now! :-).. The questions are from mail and comments on my blog!

What OS & hardware are you using?: Currently im using Windows 7 64bit.

The hardware of my computer is(Cpy,Motherboard,Gpu, Ram,Psu,Case) : AMD phenom II 955 @ 3.7ghz (OC'ed), Gigabyte MA790X-Ud4, XFX 5970 Black Edition, 4gb of DDR2 1066mhz (Oc'ed), Corsair HX 850W, Corsair 800d..

The cooling for the CPU is a watercooled solution. Its using a 360* rad (3x 120mm fans cooling that), reservoir, pump & block at CPU. Using watercooling makes my system VERY quiet & its worth the money :3...

What is your favorite weapon & vechicle in Battlefield 3?: Since i started playing i've always loved being an asset for the team and not be one of those that lies at the back & camps..So i'm usually playing Assault with medkit + defib (so i can help people). And using the m416 with grip, silencer and holo sight. This allows me to get HIGH score as the team wont know where you are, you can revive & help your team alot. Sometimes i use the AEK-971 + mass shotgun.. Its a beast!

My favorite vechicle is the tanks..or the Russian t-90. The fact that you can customize it ALOT, so you can be anti air..anti tank, anti infantry (guided missiles...the normal turret & canister shells). It basicly allows me to switch to whatever the team needs for the time being.

Do you have any consoles besides a PC? If so which ones?: I started gaming when i was quite young... My first real "game console" was the Nintendo NES which i still play on due to how good it is.

Then i got the SNES and then the nintendo 64.. All of these consoles is still working & i play on em quite often actually :-).. nothing can beat a game of Goldeneye 64 <3..

Then between the N64 and xbox 360 i had a pause.. I got the xbox 360 & some games when it got released, the games i played most on it was  Ace combat 6, Ninja gaiden 2 and burnout paradise!..

Every since...Red alert 2 i've been stuck to 100% PC..Consoles dont give me the same kind of fun as i get on the computer strangely.

What are you playing currently?: League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3.

Favorite champion in League of Legends?! :D : Probably Lee Sin, vayne & twitch jungle, udyr jungle.

Will answer more questions later! :-)

Trying to get readers involved now! :-)..


I'm thinking of starting to write about stuff that you people can come with comments on..Like its not easy to comment & keep a discussion if im writing about My LoL games & such..

Therefore im gonna start writing abit more "towards you" readers...

Remember: Always ask questions, ill try to answer em all! :-)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wierd day.

The day started with me starting one of the new courses that was astronomy. I've always been interested in astronomy so it was quite interesting. But we're very few in this course (total of 6 people compared to 25 in the psychology course), The teacher is a very wierd type...She's middle age, Never looks straight at you and instead looks the side of you (no one knows why), Talks a wierd type of swedish that some of us is having a hard time to understand.. But other than that it was quite interesting as i mentioned i've always been interested.

Later on we had the usual subjects, math, physics then ended.

Later tonight i was at the stables & had another lesson, we had some kind of jumping & ground work. I'm happy with the results i got with the horse i had. As he is quite hard to ride :-)..

The thing that made this day feel so "wierd"... Is that...Everything felt "speeded" up :s.. I've felt quite wierd today (Headache, random pains & such in stomach)... But after the astronomy class we had a 2 hour break before the next lesson..And it basicly felt like 5 minutes even tho i did NOTHING but talk to people.

The math & physics are 2 "slow" lessons according to me as they can be quite boring with our teacher.. But same there, felt like 5 minutes.. Same with the rest of the day!

And also..I've had this very catchy but annoying song stuck in my head the whole day @_@ ...

I've been humming to that all day long lol..

Also this one..Seriously, try to listen to it without bobbing your head...moving any bodypart to the music or humming or so, its hard D:..

Gotta find where my old gameboy is, still have all the pokemon games  :-|...Its somewhere

Well time for me to sleeep! Nighty folk's!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The text & background color of the text got messed up in the Twitch jungle guide... Dont know how that happend, Might be due to me typing all that in Microsoft Word at my school laptop & then pasting it over to blogger (had to do it like that as i kept opening & shutting down the laptop between lessons).

Time to play! :-)).

How to jungle as Twitch! Twitch Jungle Guide

As i've noticed some of the comments asked me about how to play Twitch in the jungle, i decided to write a quick guide on how to play him there.

Twitch is probably the most squishy champion in the game due to his low base hp & defenses and slow speed.
He also depends alot on attack speed to get his E (expunge) up to 6 stacks and use it.

Due to this, you will have to boost him in those areas. Lets start with the runes.


Marks - Attack speed 9x
Seals - Armor 9x
Glyphs - Attack speed 9x
Quints - Armor pen 9x

My runepage: 

This will give me 21% faster attacks, 12,69 Armor and 9,99 Armor pen. Using these marks will help you with the speed & defenses in jungle and damage output at Level 1.


But still...You're quite squishy early game and this needs to be solved with the masteries which you will go 21/9/0 in.

These masteries will gain you this:
+10 Bonus damage to towers
+10% Armor Penetration
+6% Damage to targets below 40% health
6 Damage returned against minion and monster attacks
+3 AD
+6 Armor
+6 Armor Penetration
+6% Attack Speed
+4 Bonus damage to minions
+1.5% Increased Damage
+3% Life Steal

+6 Magic Resist
+2 Reduced damage from minions and monsters

The increased offensive bonuses & improved defense from minions will help you alot in the early game and late game.

This will basicly allow you to start jungling just as good as most of the other better junglers as udyr & rammus and others..

The spells of twitch is simple:

Twitch Abilities:

Passive "Deadly venom": Its a poison that gets added to the enemy target with each autoattack. It stacks up to 6 times and deals TRUE DAMAGE every second for up to 8 seconds.

Q "Ambush": It stealths twitch for 10-20-30-40-50 seconds & gives you a attack speed (30%-45%-60%-80%-100%) boost after getting out from stealth. This is the ability that you will use to ambush people (just as the name says ;-) )

W "Debilitating Poison": Its the slow that you will use to catch people & slow teams down. It slows the enemy team / champion for 30% + 6% for each stack of the passive, so 6 stacks x 6% = 36% + 30 = 66% slow in total!

E "Expunge": It deals 30/60/120/150 (+100% of AP) and additional damage per stack of the passive 20/30/40/50/60 damage. So at highest rank it should do 150+360 dmg = 510 damage burst.
This will help you early game to gank people as the Q + E = alot of damage fast. Late game its not that very effective without AP.

R "Spray and pray": It gives your attacks additional damage (15/25/35 AD) and makes your attacks long range. It has a 12 seconds duration or 5/6/7 attacks. This will make your attacks hit all the targets in a line & allows you to burst down targets early.

Item build:

Start with a Cloth armor + 5x hp pots, Then i have to decide if i need to do higher damage & clear the jungle faster. Or attack faster but with lower hits but get your poison up to 6x stacks faster.

I usually go for madreds razer -> berserker greaves and then get the wriggles lantern as this is affordable early game

Madreds + berseker = 700g + 920g = 1640g + 600g (wriggles).

Now it depends on how many kills you have early... If you want pre-lvl 16 to have a very good damage output without the ulti then you get a pickaxe for 975g.

Then you continue building that into a Infinity Blade (go for crit then the B.F sword-> infinity blade). This will give you a very high damage output early if you use it together with your ultimate spell.

Now you have to build more attack speed as 25% from the berserker greaves is not enough as that will make you go to around 1.35 AS or so..

I usually build a Zeal for 1195 gold then that into the Phantom Dancers for 1650g more. This will give you a big attack speed boost which will increase your dps alot (55% more attack speed, 30% crit & 15% faster movement speed). These stats combined will allow you to chase down & burst them down fast.

Now is there a thing that most people will go "WHAT?" at... I'm always building a "Tiamat" after the infinity blade / after the Phantom dancers.

The reason why this item is so good with Twitch is that the splash radius is 185 which 50% of the damage that you hit the target with hits everything around. The item itself gives you (+50 AD, +15 HP/5, +5 MP/5) which also helps you alot.

This will allow you to burst down huge minion waves fast & clear the jungle fast and also it helps in teamfights as you do damage to the whole team.

Then after this you can go for a Bloodthirster / The black cleaver. Depending if you want to be better in 1v1 then go for the black cleaver, it also helps vs tanks.

And higher survivability & burst then you go for the Bloodthirster.

Team play & How to engage enemies

Twitch is a very team dependant champion. You must have atleast 1 or 2 CC's perhaps. You can ofc do it without but they help ALOT.  Also if the enemy team is Armor heavy then you need to get a last whisper + madreds bloodrazor, as this will pierce 40% of their armor + do damage equal to 3% of their max hp.

When engaging in ganks then you should always go into stealth and try to position yourself either behind the enemy team or at the side of it. So you can hit as many of the enemy champions as possible with your ulti & get your passive stacks on them, This will allow you to slow most of them quickly and let your team chase them down easier.

Then you should try to hit their carries / squishies as support with as much damage as possible, perhaps the ones that supports the team alot & hit them fast with the E then W. This will slow them & burst them alot.

One thing you should always remember is that you can stealth in combat, as long as you doesnt attack the enemy for 0.5 secs or so. This will save you if you are close to getting killed / getting counter jungled... 

Twitch is one rare to see but is certainly an "Hidden OP" champion as most of the players see him as the squishy & useless champ as you NEED 1 kill atleast quite early (pre lvl 8) to get into the game without falling behind.

He doesnt jungle as fast as the other junglers & cant counter jungle that well. But you should ofcourse test him & see how good you can be with him, he is very tricky and different. 

This became abit longer than i thought & I've been writing this during my Biology lesson, lunch & English lesson... And i just noticed that my laptop is giving me eletric shocks if i lift it ~.~...

Will play & write later.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Twitch is clearly Hidden OP!

I'm serious now when im saying that twitch is a hidden OP char... His jungle is really awsome (even tho he is squishy, you are nearly guaranted the first blood kill), you can farm quite well after you got wriggles + berserker greaves.

And later when you get abit of kills then you just build infinity blade + tiamat + phantom dancers and you'll will be able to take down several champs alone...

I love playing him haha :-D.. Thats why i didnt write yesterday, got stuck playing him ^^..

Tommorow school starts again for a few weeks...So during daytime i wont be playing / blogging probably, perhaps blogging as we all got laptops at our schools & are allowed to use them :-)..

If anyone has any question feel free to ask me :-)..I'll do 1 big "question answers" post later.. And i gotta say that its fun to see how the number of visitors that grows it really nice & keeps me motivated to keep writing     :-))..

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Jungle twitch @.@...

Gonna test jungle as Twitch now @.@.... I'll be so dead..loading atm but i'll write results later! :-)...Wish me luck lol.

I'll answer some questions too later.

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Aight as i promised the horse i was riding this Tuesday is named Ixi and is a Swedish halfblood (svenskt halvblod) he is about 1.70~  at the wither (

Hes quite special as he is a very personal horse..He doesnt like it when there's alot of people around & noisy..So i usually take alot of time with him & just chill and he seems to appreciate it.

As im studying this will be a short post...Ill link some new funnies instead and write more later

Love this insane comeback:

Bugs <3
Trying to do something that requires people being serious / teamwork in games? Its nearly impossible.

Friday, January 6, 2012

More funny videos :-D...

Who wouldn't love to hear that theme when waking up haha?

Dear god @.@....

gaming videos / funnies..:


Gotta love the Battlefield series and all of the "WTF?" moments ive seen..

Gotta love Robbaz (Swedish viking gamer!) Hes so silly when playing :-D..

LOVE that team & what theyve managed to do..Seriously, watch that if you're a LoL player. its hilarious! :-)

Nighty now! Time for me to sleeeeeep..


Todays stuff has been going alright :-)..

Nearly got a penta earlier with Vayne..Damn brand (i think it was) with his dots that took the last hit before my arrow hit lol.

I've basicly done nothing more than gaming, chilling & been to my horseback riding lesson..

The gaming has been going alright. 3 games total and i've started to get the hang of how to pull of insane kills with vayne...Its alot about positioning & timing really.. Not that much skill or so lol.

Other than LoL ive played abit Bf3 which went ok..Seems like the problems i had with drivers is solved when i updated my drivers to the 12.1 catalyst drivers..( im using a xfx 5970 Black edition that ive overclocked too.. if anyone wonders)


The horseback riding lesson today was quite fun but different!... It was basicly bodywork / a workout on the horseback..

We started with just walking (gait? Oh..I dont really know exactly what the words are for each type of movement in English..So i'll just try to get em right) in gait tempo and just to soften the horse up we did alot of control & bodymovement like turning 360* on the horseback while walking lol...

Then when we started going into trot (Basicly..Jogging in human sense) where we had shortened the stirrup leather by atleast 5 holes (which is ALOT, your feets & seating changes alot) and then we had to stand up & do..Ehm..

Depending on the horse and its speed, a trot can be difficult for a rider to sit because the body of the horse actually drops a bit between beats and bounces up again when the next set of legs strike the ground. Each time another diagonal pair of legs hits the ground, the rider can be jolted upwards out of the saddle and meet the horse with some force on the way back down. Therefore, at most speeds above a jog, especially in English riding disciplines, most riders post to the trot, rising up and down in rhythm with the horse to avoid being jolted. Posting is easy on the horse's back, and once mastered is also easy on the rider.


its basicly moving up & down in a certain way together with the horse... Standing up in the sadle with short stirrups is EXTREMLY hard for your thighs haha, you could hear that most of the people was like "CANT WE STOP NOW?!" after a few minutes...

Then we came to the gallop where we basicly did the same thing but then its more of improving your balance & strength.

To some this may sound as nothing...but if you've never tried horseriding then you cant really say anything, as horsebackriding requires ALOT from you as the rider both in working with the horse & physical health..As if you're not in good shape, then you wont be able to stop the horse that weighs a minimum of 800kg of pure muscles (the horses i ride is around 800kg..Svenskt halvblod is the race)

I'll post some pics tommorow of the horse that i had on the lesson. :-)..

Thursday, January 5, 2012

This picture could describe most of my games at EU-East / nordic..

Can you find the connection between these 4 words?

Russian, Lag, Slow, Disconnect?

This picture explains it!

Sick or something?

Haven't really been feeling all right the last days..

Both me, mother, friends are having headache, Being tired all the time and such...We've all probably caught some kind of wierd flue lol.

Well i've been playing some ofc, Mainly LoL and Amnesia + Call of Chtulu (both of those are horror games, LOVE THEM)...I've played Amnesia once already but i really love the story and how the game works = i play it over and over again..Just as i did with the penumbra series..Seriously, if you havent played the Penumbra series + amnesia, DO IT..Play it in a dark room with your speakers at a high volume..You'll crap yourself :-D..

I'll add some funny videos to end this..

Nighty! :3

Monday, January 2, 2012

To tired..

I'm to tired to play anything more really..Just been browsing on different sites since i wrote the last post / thingy here..

I think its ALWAYS best that before i even launch LoL, i try to feel if i can perform OK / At my best..But as it is now im nearly half sleeping which would probably end up with a loose for my team which i dont want to..

So yeah..I'd rather sleep then play tommorow morning early!

Oh can anyone help me decide between these 2 AD carries...Vayne or Graves? Its so hard to decide! :(

Well nighty people! :-)

Late happy new year ! :-)

Happy new year everyone! :-)..

Its abit late..I havent been @ home really the last 3 days ^^, At the new years day it basicly started at the evening where i at home had a dinner with 3 different food types which was very nice! Then me & my friend  was with a couple of our close friends at their place and just had fun & chilled and watched movies, ate food and then had fun with fireworks..Was quite fun :3.

Then yesterday i went home with one of my friends & just chilled, played some games at his computer, watched movies and so.. Then today i've just done the same.

I came home for a few hours ago from the Horseback riding lesson! It was abit special as today is the day that i for 1 year ago started taking these lessons! It has helped me alot and is really fun! The lesson went quite well..But the horse i had was basicly like a rocket..So full of energy & wanted to run as fast as he could all the time.. But it was fine!

I just finished playing some bf3 with my cousin too.. Managed to unlock that g53 gun for the engineer class. I like it (Y), And now its time for some LoL! :-)