Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dear god....

Seriously, i cant understand how...A few days after i've cleaned my room and so its all tidy and everything is where it should be... Then suddenly, its all messy again, Dust everywhere & so..

I'm cleaning my room at the moment as its so messy. When i've cleaned it all i can upload some pics of my room :-)...

Geh...Gotta clean zeh computer too... <3 compressed air in a can...So easy to clean it with it


  1. My room is SO messy! Look forward to seeing the pics ;D

  2. It's because you're not wiping up the dust. You're prolly just flinging it in the air. When it lands it's landing right where you left it. Use a damp rag to stick the dust to the rag and wash it often throughout the process bruhh.

  3. Meh dust.. clean it, but its coming back in 2 days..