Saturday, January 28, 2012


Im slacking with my girlfriend atm...We've been eating so much o_O.... Our dinner was 2 chops of meat each (big chops!) and potatos & mushrooms, wonderful combination <3...

Then i made muffins that's called "Fondant muffins"...its basicly dark chocolate muffins on the outside & on the inside its all thick and sticky liquid chocolate..OM NOM NOM! And to finish this off we had popcorn and fruit candy... And we watched "E.T" (Love that movie, its the one from the 1982).

What are we going to do now? Well im gonna take a shower, then change all the stuff in the bed so its fresh to sleep at when we've showered...Then sleeeep! As im going to the stables tommorow to help at 07.00 T___T..

I played 2 matches today in LoL...I can only describe those 2 games as a complete failure..First game: Me as Leona for my first time, i like her!...But we met a 4 man premade team with perfect teamplay..and my team was full of russians...YAY..

Second game was not to bad...Played as Master Yi in the Jungle & AD, But my team was full of polish people (they had PL in their name).... Dear god they were incompetent... Couldnt focus right, every1 ran to different parts of the maps, ran into lanes all alone when they were 2-5 on 1...

Well..I just got out of the shower (stopped writing for a lil while) and is going to brush my teeth then go to sleeeeep! :-)..

Tommorow: Stables, Play, Study (Physics, energy), Be with my girlfriend and go to her and say hi to their new dog :-)!...

Well i try to blog tommorow, will post pictures of our stables too! And other stuff as my room! Nighty folks!


  1. When my girl was round, we continuously snacked! The amount we ate, you'd think we were morbidly obese