Friday, January 6, 2012


Todays stuff has been going alright :-)..

Nearly got a penta earlier with Vayne..Damn brand (i think it was) with his dots that took the last hit before my arrow hit lol.

I've basicly done nothing more than gaming, chilling & been to my horseback riding lesson..

The gaming has been going alright. 3 games total and i've started to get the hang of how to pull of insane kills with vayne...Its alot about positioning & timing really.. Not that much skill or so lol.

Other than LoL ive played abit Bf3 which went ok..Seems like the problems i had with drivers is solved when i updated my drivers to the 12.1 catalyst drivers..( im using a xfx 5970 Black edition that ive overclocked too.. if anyone wonders)


The horseback riding lesson today was quite fun but different!... It was basicly bodywork / a workout on the horseback..

We started with just walking (gait? Oh..I dont really know exactly what the words are for each type of movement in English..So i'll just try to get em right) in gait tempo and just to soften the horse up we did alot of control & bodymovement like turning 360* on the horseback while walking lol...

Then when we started going into trot (Basicly..Jogging in human sense) where we had shortened the stirrup leather by atleast 5 holes (which is ALOT, your feets & seating changes alot) and then we had to stand up & do..Ehm..

Depending on the horse and its speed, a trot can be difficult for a rider to sit because the body of the horse actually drops a bit between beats and bounces up again when the next set of legs strike the ground. Each time another diagonal pair of legs hits the ground, the rider can be jolted upwards out of the saddle and meet the horse with some force on the way back down. Therefore, at most speeds above a jog, especially in English riding disciplines, most riders post to the trot, rising up and down in rhythm with the horse to avoid being jolted. Posting is easy on the horse's back, and once mastered is also easy on the rider.


its basicly moving up & down in a certain way together with the horse... Standing up in the sadle with short stirrups is EXTREMLY hard for your thighs haha, you could hear that most of the people was like "CANT WE STOP NOW?!" after a few minutes...

Then we came to the gallop where we basicly did the same thing but then its more of improving your balance & strength.

To some this may sound as nothing...but if you've never tried horseriding then you cant really say anything, as horsebackriding requires ALOT from you as the rider both in working with the horse & physical health..As if you're not in good shape, then you wont be able to stop the horse that weighs a minimum of 800kg of pure muscles (the horses i ride is around 800kg..Svenskt halvblod is the race)

I'll post some pics tommorow of the horse that i had on the lesson. :-)..

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  1. What kind of horses are you riding?

    My wife is in school right now studying horses :D