Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to jungle as Twitch! Twitch Jungle Guide

As i've noticed some of the comments asked me about how to play Twitch in the jungle, i decided to write a quick guide on how to play him there.

Twitch is probably the most squishy champion in the game due to his low base hp & defenses and slow speed.
He also depends alot on attack speed to get his E (expunge) up to 6 stacks and use it.

Due to this, you will have to boost him in those areas. Lets start with the runes.


Marks - Attack speed 9x
Seals - Armor 9x
Glyphs - Attack speed 9x
Quints - Armor pen 9x

My runepage: 

This will give me 21% faster attacks, 12,69 Armor and 9,99 Armor pen. Using these marks will help you with the speed & defenses in jungle and damage output at Level 1.


But still...You're quite squishy early game and this needs to be solved with the masteries which you will go 21/9/0 in.


These masteries will gain you this:
+10 Bonus damage to towers
+10% Armor Penetration
+6% Damage to targets below 40% health
6 Damage returned against minion and monster attacks
+3 AD
+6 Armor
+6 Armor Penetration
+6% Attack Speed
+4 Bonus damage to minions
+1.5% Increased Damage
+3% Life Steal

+6 Magic Resist
+2 Reduced damage from minions and monsters

The increased offensive bonuses & improved defense from minions will help you alot in the early game and late game.

This will basicly allow you to start jungling just as good as most of the other better junglers as udyr & rammus and others..

The spells of twitch is simple:

Twitch Abilities:

Passive "Deadly venom": Its a poison that gets added to the enemy target with each autoattack. It stacks up to 6 times and deals TRUE DAMAGE every second for up to 8 seconds.

Q "Ambush": It stealths twitch for 10-20-30-40-50 seconds & gives you a attack speed (30%-45%-60%-80%-100%) boost after getting out from stealth. This is the ability that you will use to ambush people (just as the name says ;-) )

W "Debilitating Poison": Its the slow that you will use to catch people & slow teams down. It slows the enemy team / champion for 30% + 6% for each stack of the passive, so 6 stacks x 6% = 36% + 30 = 66% slow in total!

E "Expunge": It deals 30/60/120/150 (+100% of AP) and additional damage per stack of the passive 20/30/40/50/60 damage. So at highest rank it should do 150+360 dmg = 510 damage burst.
This will help you early game to gank people as the Q + E = alot of damage fast. Late game its not that very effective without AP.

R "Spray and pray": It gives your attacks additional damage (15/25/35 AD) and makes your attacks long range. It has a 12 seconds duration or 5/6/7 attacks. This will make your attacks hit all the targets in a line & allows you to burst down targets early.

Item build:

Start with a Cloth armor + 5x hp pots, Then i have to decide if i need to do higher damage & clear the jungle faster. Or attack faster but with lower hits but get your poison up to 6x stacks faster.

I usually go for madreds razer -> berserker greaves and then get the wriggles lantern as this is affordable early game

Madreds + berseker = 700g + 920g = 1640g + 600g (wriggles).

Now it depends on how many kills you have early... If you want pre-lvl 16 to have a very good damage output without the ulti then you get a pickaxe for 975g.

Then you continue building that into a Infinity Blade (go for crit then the B.F sword-> infinity blade). This will give you a very high damage output early if you use it together with your ultimate spell.

Now you have to build more attack speed as 25% from the berserker greaves is not enough as that will make you go to around 1.35 AS or so..

I usually build a Zeal for 1195 gold then that into the Phantom Dancers for 1650g more. This will give you a big attack speed boost which will increase your dps alot (55% more attack speed, 30% crit & 15% faster movement speed). These stats combined will allow you to chase down & burst them down fast.

Now is there a thing that most people will go "WHAT?" at... I'm always building a "Tiamat" after the infinity blade / after the Phantom dancers.

The reason why this item is so good with Twitch is that the splash radius is 185 which 50% of the damage that you hit the target with hits everything around. The item itself gives you (+50 AD, +15 HP/5, +5 MP/5) which also helps you alot.

This will allow you to burst down huge minion waves fast & clear the jungle fast and also it helps in teamfights as you do damage to the whole team.

Then after this you can go for a Bloodthirster / The black cleaver. Depending if you want to be better in 1v1 then go for the black cleaver, it also helps vs tanks.

And higher survivability & burst then you go for the Bloodthirster.

Team play & How to engage enemies

Twitch is a very team dependant champion. You must have atleast 1 or 2 CC's perhaps. You can ofc do it without but they help ALOT.  Also if the enemy team is Armor heavy then you need to get a last whisper + madreds bloodrazor, as this will pierce 40% of their armor + do damage equal to 3% of their max hp.

When engaging in ganks then you should always go into stealth and try to position yourself either behind the enemy team or at the side of it. So you can hit as many of the enemy champions as possible with your ulti & get your passive stacks on them, This will allow you to slow most of them quickly and let your team chase them down easier.

Then you should try to hit their carries / squishies as support with as much damage as possible, perhaps the ones that supports the team alot & hit them fast with the E then W. This will slow them & burst them alot.

One thing you should always remember is that you can stealth in combat, as long as you doesnt attack the enemy for 0.5 secs or so. This will save you if you are close to getting killed / getting counter jungled... 

Twitch is one rare to see but is certainly an "Hidden OP" champion as most of the players see him as the squishy & useless champ as you NEED 1 kill atleast quite early (pre lvl 8) to get into the game without falling behind.

He doesnt jungle as fast as the other junglers & cant counter jungle that well. But you should ofcourse test him & see how good you can be with him, he is very tricky and different. 

This became abit longer than i thought & I've been writing this during my Biology lesson, lunch & English lesson... And i just noticed that my laptop is giving me eletric shocks if i lift it ~.~...

Will play & write later.


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  2. Good read! Will probably try it out later, will reveal my results :D

  3. Great info. Time for me to pick up and surprise my friend with my sudden prowess.

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