Sunday, January 29, 2012

Im so tiired!

Alright, Im DEAD TIRED & feeling like a bag of dirt lol..

Took a picture of the muffins i made yesterday :3..I can only describe them as "chocolate orgy"... Looks like standard muffins but on the inside they are all soft & liquid and warm...*Do want*

Had to wake up at 05.55 this morning so i could eat breakfast & fix myself before going to the stables and arrive there in time...IM NOT USED TO GOING UP THIS EARLY@_@...

Well, i got there and there was ALOT TO DO.. Seriously, i've had these "on call helper days" earlier..but it has never been this much to do...We were a total of 4 people there now, but it still took 3 hours of constant work to be done for the "morning"..So at 11.00 we were done, by that time i had:
-Cleaned 15 stalls (cleaned = taken out all the poo, pee and other stuff from the horses stalls)
-Cleaned all the water buckets
-Refilled all the buckets
-Gave all the horses oats & minerals
-Took all the horses outside
-Removed all the ice & refilled the water for the horses outdoors

It may not sound as that "much"... But considering that we have a total of...around 30 horses its alot of work to do with each horse.. (15 ponnies, 11 Horses, 4 extra horses that is in our stables over the weekend).

These are the pony stalls:
And here is a couple of the horses boxes (there is a "cold" stable too, which i didnt take a picture of, where the rest of them are):

Also recorded abit when me & another guy was outside refilling the big horses water (the "milk can" that we use to refill the water outside when its frozen (the water is warm) can take like..70 you have to be 2 persons to lift it).

The horses are always so curious about what we are doing and everything is scary to them...You can hear the guy saying "söt" (means cute in swedish haha)..

(Should be a movie here, I'm having trouble uploading it so i'll do it later)

Well...I had to go back to the stables around 14.00 to take all the horses inside, check so they weren't injured..and give them food! Also cleaned a sick horse (diarrea, had poo all over its tail & leg :-/..)

Well..What have i done since then? I've played LoL ofc! And the results of today's matches is....:
I like changing champs every match :3...Also...Karthus ultimate is so wonderful <3:

If anyone kills me, i'll bring their team with me!

Tommorow i will probably start a tiny blog thingy that is basicly...That everyday i do a post about something on a list like.."Myself, family, Interests" and such.

And im thinking about writing some more guides too & remaking the blog abit, to make it easier to categorize..

Sleep well !


  1. Feels good to work hard, huh? I did the exact opposite today. Do you ride or just help keep the stables organized.

  2. Haha ofcourse, I'm used to work hard! And i do both ride & help the stables.

    Sometimes i just help them like i did yesterday, sometimes i help them with riding the horses. :-)