Monday, January 2, 2012

Late happy new year ! :-)

Happy new year everyone! :-)..

Its abit late..I havent been @ home really the last 3 days ^^, At the new years day it basicly started at the evening where i at home had a dinner with 3 different food types which was very nice! Then me & my friend  was with a couple of our close friends at their place and just had fun & chilled and watched movies, ate food and then had fun with fireworks..Was quite fun :3.

Then yesterday i went home with one of my friends & just chilled, played some games at his computer, watched movies and so.. Then today i've just done the same.

I came home for a few hours ago from the Horseback riding lesson! It was abit special as today is the day that i for 1 year ago started taking these lessons! It has helped me alot and is really fun! The lesson went quite well..But the horse i had was basicly like a rocket..So full of energy & wanted to run as fast as he could all the time.. But it was fine!

I just finished playing some bf3 with my cousin too.. Managed to unlock that g53 gun for the engineer class. I like it (Y), And now its time for some LoL! :-)

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