Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New hidden OP lol..

So by mistake or whatever i would call it...i've find something that is semi-hidden OP :-D..

When i was going to play for a few days ago i thought about going as kennen AP as usual, But when i was at the choose champion screen i saw that 1 guy was having connection problem (so i thought aya..we will get a rejoin then.) & at the same time my girlfriend called about the jumping competition we was at yesterday. So i alt-tabed out (had already chosen kennen but forgot to change masteries + runes..Which was my trynda setup lol) which i saw in the last second before it started loading...

So i tried it out and dear god its good! D: .... Building kennen with ARP reds, armor yellows, MR per lvl blues & ad quints & 21/9/0 masteries = win win win!

Your AA range is perfect for poking, so you can win your lane easily just by poking people all the time, the W scales well with AD + its passive bonus (5x stacks = 80% of ur AD as bonus damage)...

Just get some attack speed (berserk greaves, phantom blades, inf blade) and damage and you will be slaughtering the team while avoiding the team due to your 620 movement speed with E \o/, Impossible to gank with flash+ignite too ^^..

Gonna eat then play! Cheers.


  1. This is how I feel about this post.

  2. Dear god...When reading this comment now, its really confusing haha.. I understand you ^^..Will re-write it