Saturday, January 14, 2012

Q&A time! Weeee~

I'll answer some questions that i've gotten thrue the comments here & now! :-).. The questions are from mail and comments on my blog!

What OS & hardware are you using?: Currently im using Windows 7 64bit.

The hardware of my computer is(Cpy,Motherboard,Gpu, Ram,Psu,Case) : AMD phenom II 955 @ 3.7ghz (OC'ed), Gigabyte MA790X-Ud4, XFX 5970 Black Edition, 4gb of DDR2 1066mhz (Oc'ed), Corsair HX 850W, Corsair 800d..

The cooling for the CPU is a watercooled solution. Its using a 360* rad (3x 120mm fans cooling that), reservoir, pump & block at CPU. Using watercooling makes my system VERY quiet & its worth the money :3...

What is your favorite weapon & vechicle in Battlefield 3?: Since i started playing i've always loved being an asset for the team and not be one of those that lies at the back & camps..So i'm usually playing Assault with medkit + defib (so i can help people). And using the m416 with grip, silencer and holo sight. This allows me to get HIGH score as the team wont know where you are, you can revive & help your team alot. Sometimes i use the AEK-971 + mass shotgun.. Its a beast!

My favorite vechicle is the tanks..or the Russian t-90. The fact that you can customize it ALOT, so you can be anti air..anti tank, anti infantry (guided missiles...the normal turret & canister shells). It basicly allows me to switch to whatever the team needs for the time being.

Do you have any consoles besides a PC? If so which ones?: I started gaming when i was quite young... My first real "game console" was the Nintendo NES which i still play on due to how good it is.

Then i got the SNES and then the nintendo 64.. All of these consoles is still working & i play on em quite often actually :-).. nothing can beat a game of Goldeneye 64 <3..

Then between the N64 and xbox 360 i had a pause.. I got the xbox 360 & some games when it got released, the games i played most on it was  Ace combat 6, Ninja gaiden 2 and burnout paradise!..

Every since...Red alert 2 i've been stuck to 100% PC..Consoles dont give me the same kind of fun as i get on the computer strangely.

What are you playing currently?: League of Legends, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3.

Favorite champion in League of Legends?! :D : Probably Lee Sin, vayne & twitch jungle, udyr jungle.

Will answer more questions later! :-)


  1. not bad :) I also love battlefield

  2. Battlefield has shiny graphics.. amazing stuff

  3. The Command and Conquer series is a timeless classic (though I prefer Red Alert to Red Alert 2).

  4. yay, glad to know about it