Saturday, January 21, 2012

Reason of the absense..

Ok..The reason i havent been blogging is simply..I havent had time!

I've had alot to study & write to the school.. I've had a chemistry report, Biology report to write & send in..both was a few pages long. Then i'm studying for a biology test at Monday, its genetics that im studying... Next Thursday we have a test in physics too so simply its alot going on at the moment.

I've been playing some LoL ofc when i've had time & Bf3.. I've played some Akali, Fiddle & Annie..

Akali is rather OP in the fact..that if you get 1 kill, then you can snowball the whole game & pentakill easily.

I'm watching the movie "Johnny English" at the moment, i've seen it a few times but i still like it :-)... Gonna paly some tommorow as im to tired atm..

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