Thursday, January 5, 2012

Sick or something?

Haven't really been feeling all right the last days..

Both me, mother, friends are having headache, Being tired all the time and such...We've all probably caught some kind of wierd flue lol.

Well i've been playing some ofc, Mainly LoL and Amnesia + Call of Chtulu (both of those are horror games, LOVE THEM)...I've played Amnesia once already but i really love the story and how the game works = i play it over and over again..Just as i did with the penumbra series..Seriously, if you havent played the Penumbra series + amnesia, DO IT..Play it in a dark room with your speakers at a high volume..You'll crap yourself :-D..

I'll add some funny videos to end this..

Nighty! :3


  1. lol! loved the vids, nice post

  2. Glitch videos are always great. You should check out the horse-woman glitch video from Red Dead Redemption (I think?)

  3. take me to the uniiiiiiiiverse :)

  4. hahaha! That skyrim video was hilarious. Great find!


    You should come check out my blog if you get time!

  5. great update, keep it up

  6. The skyrim video had me falling from my chair! Hilarious!

  7. greeeat post amazing blog =)

  8. I'll have to check amnesia... so many people talk wonders about it

  9. I've played amnesia before with a load of friends in a dark room.
    played it after staying awake for something like 18 hours, so we were all pretty twitchy and jumpy from the caffeine.
    I've never heard such unholy noises from a group of guys before in my life