Saturday, January 7, 2012


Aight as i promised the horse i was riding this Tuesday is named Ixi and is a Swedish halfblood (svenskt halvblod) he is about 1.70~  at the wither (

Hes quite special as he is a very personal horse..He doesnt like it when there's alot of people around & noisy..So i usually take alot of time with him & just chill and he seems to appreciate it.

As im studying this will be a short post...Ill link some new funnies instead and write more later

Love this insane comeback:

Bugs <3
Trying to do something that requires people being serious / teamwork in games? Its nearly impossible.


  1. Best way to study, playing games until you die. While you wait to respawn, STUDY :D

  2. Enjoyed the videos. Study moar!

  3. want more so im following this :D