Monday, January 9, 2012

Twitch is clearly Hidden OP!

I'm serious now when im saying that twitch is a hidden OP char... His jungle is really awsome (even tho he is squishy, you are nearly guaranted the first blood kill), you can farm quite well after you got wriggles + berserker greaves.

And later when you get abit of kills then you just build infinity blade + tiamat + phantom dancers and you'll will be able to take down several champs alone...

I love playing him haha :-D.. Thats why i didnt write yesterday, got stuck playing him ^^..

Tommorow school starts again for a few weeks...So during daytime i wont be playing / blogging probably, perhaps blogging as we all got laptops at our schools & are allowed to use them :-)..

If anyone has any question feel free to ask me :-)..I'll do 1 big "question answers" post later.. And i gotta say that its fun to see how the number of visitors that grows it really nice & keeps me motivated to keep writing     :-))..


  1. I really wanna get his jungle perfected. I just can't do it though, I can jungle EVERYONE else fine, I even jungled Teemo once.

  2. Who is a good character to use for learning the basics? Like absolute basics. My friend has been bugging me for some time to start playing so he can join me.

  3. You are making me want to play.. stop it!