Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wierd day.

The day started with me starting one of the new courses that was astronomy. I've always been interested in astronomy so it was quite interesting. But we're very few in this course (total of 6 people compared to 25 in the psychology course), The teacher is a very wierd type...She's middle age, Never looks straight at you and instead looks the side of you (no one knows why), Talks a wierd type of swedish that some of us is having a hard time to understand.. But other than that it was quite interesting as i mentioned i've always been interested.

Later on we had the usual subjects, math, physics then ended.

Later tonight i was at the stables & had another lesson, we had some kind of jumping & ground work. I'm happy with the results i got with the horse i had. As he is quite hard to ride :-)..

The thing that made this day feel so "wierd"... Is that...Everything felt "speeded" up :s.. I've felt quite wierd today (Headache, random pains & such in stomach)... But after the astronomy class we had a 2 hour break before the next lesson..And it basicly felt like 5 minutes even tho i did NOTHING but talk to people.

The math & physics are 2 "slow" lessons according to me as they can be quite boring with our teacher.. But same there, felt like 5 minutes.. Same with the rest of the day!

And also..I've had this very catchy but annoying song stuck in my head the whole day @_@ ...

I've been humming to that all day long lol..

Also this one..Seriously, try to listen to it without bobbing your head...moving any bodypart to the music or humming or so, its hard D:..

Gotta find where my old gameboy is, still have all the pokemon games  :-|...Its somewhere

Well time for me to sleeep! Nighty folk's!


  1. I'd take astronomy over math and physics any day (even though the foundation of astronomy IS math and physics...)

  2. I need my gameboy back, pokemon was such a legendary game, now following!!

  3. i'm taking astronomy this semester! :)

    also, horay for odd professors!


  4. How many hour i've listened that pokemon song...

  5. Ah thanks that you remember me for pokemon.
    Still 1 Month I want to look for my gameboy!

    Also Nice blog dude, follow you.

  6. Haha go and catch'em all mate! +follow, some interesting posts you got

  7. Pokemon! Gotta catch them all!! Now following.

  8. sounds like an astrophysics course load. awesome

  9. I grew up without pokemon and that makes me sad.