Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring is coming!

Gotta say that today was the first "real" spring day for me!....

When i went down to the local supermarket and was on my way home, i felt that my long coat / rock is to warm to wear... And i see tiny flowers named "snödroppar" popping up everywhere

Also the flower "Smörblomma" is starting to grow..

When i see those 2 flowers coming up from the ground i know it spring..When its around 8+ Celcius outside, clear sky and sun..i just enjoy it!

Nearly all the snow is gone too so im not complaining hehe ;-), I dont like the winter at all!...Back to gaming now for me D:

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been lazy / busy :-)!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with a bunch of things...Girlfriend, Family, School, Horses...You name it!

At the 23rd (Thursday) i was at Göteborg Horse Show for the second time! I love it! There is so many companies there showing all their horse products for riders & horses, all the professionall riders competing against eachothers and more.

Watching Michael Whitaker and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson jumping is AWSOME... They are jumping obstacles at  heights of 1.50m without any problems, it's silly how good they are!

At the "fair / mass" (I don't know the english word...The place where all the companies are, showing products, having small stores and so on)... I bought a new helmet, as my helm had gotten 2 big hits (once right before a jumping competition which ended up with me falling to the ground at full speed and hitting my neck / head quite hard. And the second time when i fell of "Lacost" in full gallop straight into the wall ^^... my back still hurts even tho it has been months :)..)

The helmet is a "Back On Track EQ2", Compared to my old helmet which costed me about 80 euro last year...This one is quite expensive.. The EQ2 costed me about 230 Euro! It's easily worth the extra money i think, As this helmet is probably the most safe helmet out there.

I think that its worth 150 euro more than buying the same as the last one for the extra protection. There has to be a reason why all the professional riders use this helm ;-).. After all...Our head is the easiest part to hurt when riding ^^..

The helmet:

Also the helmet had a very good price which they only have at this event, as this event is one of the biggest in the world. The normal price of the helmet is nearly 3000kr = 340 euro..And i got it for 2000 :-) = 230 euro.

Well, I will upload pictures of the helmet, pictures from GHS (göteborg horse show) and other stuff!.

I've been playing some LoL, Played mainly slacky champs like katarina, nunu and such...Won most of my games..but i had some russians in my team as katarina = lost :-/...

Friday, February 24, 2012


Sittning here watching the pro riders jumping 1.50m like it's 10cm.. Looks so easy!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Whats happening? :3

We'll, The thoughts thing is that..I'm currently recording footage from different games that i will probably make some kind of montage out from. Trying to find some music to it..

The last days has just been chill! Nothing special really, But tommorow im going to "Göteborg Horse show" (gothenburg horse show), Which is a really big horse jumping show :-).. Will be so fun! I will post photos here /  twitter! Cheers!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Monday & Thoughts.

Today has been a chill day, school started again and it was all chill, At todays riding lesson we had a jumping lesson, went perfect!..The only thing that i'm abit ".___." that they are gonna put my favorite horse to sleep because he has been injured..The thing that i "like" so much about that horse is that he is the horse that i started learning to ride on and that he has a wonderful personality.. Nothing i can do about it but it's abit sad..

Imma sleep now...00.55 here in sweden, Nighty.

Oh about the "thoughts", its about movie editing and such, ill write tommorow about it.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy days!

Yo people!

Sorry for being dead quiet since the last post.. I have simply been very busy!
I got my SSD harddrive the 15th (5 days from now) which i installed in my system during the night to the 16th..

I gotta say that even tho i had some trouble with getting the correct boot sequence & achi mode working as intended (had to install AMD achi drivers for my motherboard...but the latest just made my computer BSOD at boot i got some older version) that this is probably one of the best upgrades i've done in the "BANG FOR THE BUCKS" ratio..


Simply because a normal harddrive can read between 40-90mb/s (depending on which type you have) and has a platter that spins and a tiny "reading head" that has to move = the harddrive gets an access delay that is like..40ms or so. But the SSD harddrive is using only flash memories = NO ACCESS TIMES.

Everything from starting up programs, booting, shutting down, loading games and more becomes MUCH faster & the computer simply feels alot "smoother" as there is no delays / loadtimes.

My SSD harddrive has 550mb/s read and 510mb/s write...Compared to my old system hdd that had 55 on both.

But okey, installing all the programs took most of the time i spent on my computer @ Thursday (16th)

Then @ Friday i had a Movie night with a bunch of friends! We met down at the lake and spent some time just hanging out, having fun on the ice..

Then we went to the center of the town we live in (Ulricehamn) and ate pizza! (This town has rediculously many pizza restaurants! In the "center" of the town we have 7 pizza restaurants, then 1 china, 2 thai, 3 "normal" restaurants and 2 hamburger shops!...

I can't really tell you....why there is so many restaurants as i dont know lol..

But after that we went to the movie store & rented a bunch of movies.

We rented "House of 1000 corpses" (This movie is 100% "WHAT THE FUCK"? Aint even scary or so, just wierd), Mirrors (I love it..I chose it because my girlfriend is very scared of mirrors in the dark, so i wanted to "help" her some more ;-)..) and Scary movie series.

Then @ saturday i just chilled with my girlfriend, cleaned up some, made food & gamed!


Ill upload some pics & shit tommorow.

Sleep well people.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy! :-)..

Decided to buy an SSD harddrive instead of reinstalling it on my ordinary HDD... So yah..Time to reinstall today! :-D!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Twilight D:...

I've always been one of the persons that has said "I dont like Twilight" simply as i only watched the first movie and then only heard about people loving it / hating it.

So i've simply been watching Twilight 1 for 2 days ago, twilight "New moon" today and currently im watching "Eclipse" :-D..

I think that "If you want to know how to defeat your enemy, you have to act like one of them"...Basicly i want to know what people like / dislike about these movies.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Trouble ^^..

Been having some trouble with formating the computer as one of my 3 harddrives has died (a 300gb 7200rpm from 2003...Thats quite good for a HDD!) So...Im simply relocating some files to make up for those 300gb of lost space (i had emptied the 300gb nothing was lost yay).

I'm thinking of starting to record again when i have formated....The only video that i have uploaded is this:

its from when i played dirt 2 quite alot..

But im thinking of making some small montages from bf3, LoL, Tf2 and such.

The only things i need is... Music & how i should do to not get my videos muted by all those companies..That dirt 2 video got muted on youtube because the song was copyrighted, even tho  i mentioned that the video was under the "fair use law"..

So yah, got any tips? Cheers.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Preparing to reinstall windows :-)...

I've decided to reinstall windows 7 which i do basicly..each 6 month to keep my computer fresh and at top performance (it really helps, even tho i use programs & such to remove stuff that i dont need and such).

So today i have basicly been cleaning my computers hardrives (i got 2.5tb in total) so i can transferr important saved games & movies and so on to them...

I've also been cleaning the upper floor of my house...And i gotta say that there is so much dust everywhere lol! So if i dont blog more tonight / tommorow, then its because i'm in the progress of installing stuff..

If you people has any programs that you recommend that i should get after the format then tell me!

My list of "MUST HAVE PROGRAMS!" is: (I'll provide links if you get interested & why i choose it)

Operating system: Windows 7 & Ubuntu / Linux mint in dual boot perhaps.

Anti virus:
Eset Nod32 - It's simply the most efficient Anti virus program that i have used in detection / system resources usage.
Malwarebytes anti malware - This program has saved me from several nasty malwares so now its a must have for me!

System maintence:
CCleaner - I mainly use this program to clean & defrag my registry as its very good at it.
Auslogics boostspeed - This program has so many functions that can help you in your gaming & just keep the computer in top notch condition! Together with CCleaner they should keep your computer very healthy.

Gaming applications:
Steam - I guess most know of it, If not..Most of my games have i bought thrue steam = i have them there & i also chat with people thrue it.
Gameboost - This game can help you quite alot if you have performance issues in games by disabling unneeded applications & services.
Fraps - I use this program to record when i'm gaming.
MSI Afterburner - Best program for overclocking my GPU!
Furmark - I always use this after Overclocking my system to see if its stable, as this program stresses it.
Xsplit - Software to stream when playing, Requires you to have a good cpu + Connection if you want good quality!

Media player classic - I use this when VLC cant play some formats.
VLC - My choice when watching movies + music as it can play nearly ALL formats.
Windows live messenger - Even tho most people have abandoned this program, i still use it to chat with some people.
Pidgin - I use this when i need to be logged into several different chat clients at the same time (several msn accounts for instance)
Irssi - IRC Client, really clean & simple. Just as i like it!
Google Chrome - Fastest & most stable browser if you ask me :-)..
Imgburn - When i need to burn .img files or such to dvd's.
Daemon tools - When i have to mount images such as some movies, games or so. Or just simulate more drives..

Well, back to cleaning my room + preparing for format! I'll write more later ( i bought brand btw, silly damage lol)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Driving lessons! :-)

I started taking driving lessons last week because i simply have to get my driving license soon (aiming for may, but if i cant make it by then i aim for june!)..

Last lesson we just started out with shifting and to find the "sweet spot" for the ..."shifting" pedal that you push down so the car slowly starts to roll forward in gear 1.. And not to brag or anything, but the teacher said that i was very good at it for being my first time in manuall (i drive our automatic toyota rav4 all the time).

And today we continued with the shifting, starting in slopes / steep roads and such. And i actually managed to get "G = Godkänt = Finished" on the 2ab (basicly driving, safety and how to be in traffic with the car) and 3a-c (Shifting gears and so)..

So 2/15 "tasks" done. When you have all 15 you are allowed to do the driving test + theory test :-)...

I play some LoL together with my friends today as i went home earlier from school because my head was pounding because i had slept bad (headache) + had no energy..

So i've played about 8 games, we lost 2 of them!... Well you cant win every single one ;))..

My plans for tommorow: School i think, Drive my parents to the airport as they are going to egypt for 2 weeks, Cello lesson, Riding lesson, Play Lol, Clean my room!

Friday plans: School, clean the house, prepare for a Movie-night with my friends maybe...We'll see..


Sunday, February 5, 2012

Thinking about upgrades...

I'm sitting here any thinking about upgrading my computer so i can stream much more smoothly & higher quality ...

As simply a amd phenom II 955 OC'ed to 3.7ghz + xfx 5970 wont cut it to keep it at 60fps..

Thinking of getting a i7 2600k or a ivy bridge when they come out & a XFX 7970 hydrocell version + 16gigs of ram..

Those parts would certainly let me stream at the fps & quality i want!..

But other than that..I gotta say that my room looks like a mess! It's always like this after my girlfriend has been here haha..

Well time to sleep people! Nighty :-)

Movie tiiime!

My girlfriend went home earlier..So i've been slacking some, played some LoL, fixed myself some dinner (was lazy so made my own sliced potatoes fries and some hamburgers :-)...

Currently im watching the movie "Unstoppable":

Its a very good movie but its different...But i like it :-)..


Sorry for that i have been inactive.. Its a number of things atm that makes it abit hard for me to blog!

1. School, We are having alot of tests / exams atm = i have to study alot.
2. The weather... Its VERY cold atm in Sweden (coldest so far in sweden was for 2 days ago..which was -42.7 Celcius) and alot of snow and those 2 together has resulted in several power-blackouts.
3. Haven't been at home due to the weather (hard to drive), studying at friends and so on...

I'm trying to use my twitter more atm when the power is out..As blogging from my iphone 4s is rather annoying so its better to write at my twitter :-) :!/Conradiminja

Well i'm gonna cuddle with my girlfriend now abit :3, so ill write later.