Monday, February 20, 2012

Busy days!

Yo people!

Sorry for being dead quiet since the last post.. I have simply been very busy!
I got my SSD harddrive the 15th (5 days from now) which i installed in my system during the night to the 16th..

I gotta say that even tho i had some trouble with getting the correct boot sequence & achi mode working as intended (had to install AMD achi drivers for my motherboard...but the latest just made my computer BSOD at boot i got some older version) that this is probably one of the best upgrades i've done in the "BANG FOR THE BUCKS" ratio..


Simply because a normal harddrive can read between 40-90mb/s (depending on which type you have) and has a platter that spins and a tiny "reading head" that has to move = the harddrive gets an access delay that is like..40ms or so. But the SSD harddrive is using only flash memories = NO ACCESS TIMES.

Everything from starting up programs, booting, shutting down, loading games and more becomes MUCH faster & the computer simply feels alot "smoother" as there is no delays / loadtimes.

My SSD harddrive has 550mb/s read and 510mb/s write...Compared to my old system hdd that had 55 on both.

But okey, installing all the programs took most of the time i spent on my computer @ Thursday (16th)

Then @ Friday i had a Movie night with a bunch of friends! We met down at the lake and spent some time just hanging out, having fun on the ice..

Then we went to the center of the town we live in (Ulricehamn) and ate pizza! (This town has rediculously many pizza restaurants! In the "center" of the town we have 7 pizza restaurants, then 1 china, 2 thai, 3 "normal" restaurants and 2 hamburger shops!...

I can't really tell you....why there is so many restaurants as i dont know lol..

But after that we went to the movie store & rented a bunch of movies.

We rented "House of 1000 corpses" (This movie is 100% "WHAT THE FUCK"? Aint even scary or so, just wierd), Mirrors (I love it..I chose it because my girlfriend is very scared of mirrors in the dark, so i wanted to "help" her some more ;-)..) and Scary movie series.

Then @ saturday i just chilled with my girlfriend, cleaned up some, made food & gamed!


Ill upload some pics & shit tommorow.

Sleep well people.

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