Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Driving lessons! :-)

I started taking driving lessons last week because i simply have to get my driving license soon (aiming for may, but if i cant make it by then i aim for june!)..

Last lesson we just started out with shifting and to find the "sweet spot" for the ..."shifting" pedal that you push down so the car slowly starts to roll forward in gear 1.. And not to brag or anything, but the teacher said that i was very good at it for being my first time in manuall (i drive our automatic toyota rav4 all the time).

And today we continued with the shifting, starting in slopes / steep roads and such. And i actually managed to get "G = Godkänt = Finished" on the 2ab (basicly driving, safety and how to be in traffic with the car) and 3a-c (Shifting gears and so)..

So 2/15 "tasks" done. When you have all 15 you are allowed to do the driving test + theory test :-)...

I play some LoL together with my friends today as i went home earlier from school because my head was pounding because i had slept bad (headache) + had no energy..

So i've played about 8 games, we lost 2 of them!... Well you cant win every single one ;))..

My plans for tommorow: School i think, Drive my parents to the airport as they are going to egypt for 2 weeks, Cello lesson, Riding lesson, Play Lol, Clean my room!

Friday plans: School, clean the house, prepare for a Movie-night with my friends maybe...We'll see..


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