Sunday, February 5, 2012


Sorry for that i have been inactive.. Its a number of things atm that makes it abit hard for me to blog!

1. School, We are having alot of tests / exams atm = i have to study alot.
2. The weather... Its VERY cold atm in Sweden (coldest so far in sweden was for 2 days ago..which was -42.7 Celcius) and alot of snow and those 2 together has resulted in several power-blackouts.
3. Haven't been at home due to the weather (hard to drive), studying at friends and so on...

I'm trying to use my twitter more atm when the power is out..As blogging from my iphone 4s is rather annoying so its better to write at my twitter :-) :!/Conradiminja

Well i'm gonna cuddle with my girlfriend now abit :3, so ill write later.

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