Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been lazy / busy :-)!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been busy with a bunch of things...Girlfriend, Family, School, Horses...You name it!

At the 23rd (Thursday) i was at Göteborg Horse Show for the second time! I love it! There is so many companies there showing all their horse products for riders & horses, all the professionall riders competing against eachothers and more.

Watching Michael Whitaker and Rolf-Göran Bengtsson jumping is AWSOME... They are jumping obstacles at  heights of 1.50m without any problems, it's silly how good they are!

At the "fair / mass" (I don't know the english word...The place where all the companies are, showing products, having small stores and so on)... I bought a new helmet, as my helm had gotten 2 big hits (once right before a jumping competition which ended up with me falling to the ground at full speed and hitting my neck / head quite hard. And the second time when i fell of "Lacost" in full gallop straight into the wall ^^... my back still hurts even tho it has been months :)..)

The helmet is a "Back On Track EQ2", Compared to my old helmet which costed me about 80 euro last year...This one is quite expensive.. The EQ2 costed me about 230 Euro! It's easily worth the extra money i think, As this helmet is probably the most safe helmet out there.

I think that its worth 150 euro more than buying the same as the last one for the extra protection. There has to be a reason why all the professional riders use this helm ;-).. After all...Our head is the easiest part to hurt when riding ^^..

The helmet:

Also the helmet had a very good price which they only have at this event, as this event is one of the biggest in the world. The normal price of the helmet is nearly 3000kr = 340 euro..And i got it for 2000 :-) = 230 euro.

Well, I will upload pictures of the helmet, pictures from GHS (göteborg horse show) and other stuff!.

I've been playing some LoL, Played mainly slacky champs like katarina, nunu and such...Won most of my games..but i had some russians in my team as katarina = lost :-/...

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