Friday, February 10, 2012

Preparing to reinstall windows :-)...

I've decided to reinstall windows 7 which i do basicly..each 6 month to keep my computer fresh and at top performance (it really helps, even tho i use programs & such to remove stuff that i dont need and such).

So today i have basicly been cleaning my computers hardrives (i got 2.5tb in total) so i can transferr important saved games & movies and so on to them...

I've also been cleaning the upper floor of my house...And i gotta say that there is so much dust everywhere lol! So if i dont blog more tonight / tommorow, then its because i'm in the progress of installing stuff..

If you people has any programs that you recommend that i should get after the format then tell me!

My list of "MUST HAVE PROGRAMS!" is: (I'll provide links if you get interested & why i choose it)

Operating system: Windows 7 & Ubuntu / Linux mint in dual boot perhaps.

Anti virus:
Eset Nod32 - It's simply the most efficient Anti virus program that i have used in detection / system resources usage.
Malwarebytes anti malware - This program has saved me from several nasty malwares so now its a must have for me!

System maintence:
CCleaner - I mainly use this program to clean & defrag my registry as its very good at it.
Auslogics boostspeed - This program has so many functions that can help you in your gaming & just keep the computer in top notch condition! Together with CCleaner they should keep your computer very healthy.

Gaming applications:
Steam - I guess most know of it, If not..Most of my games have i bought thrue steam = i have them there & i also chat with people thrue it.
Gameboost - This game can help you quite alot if you have performance issues in games by disabling unneeded applications & services.
Fraps - I use this program to record when i'm gaming.
MSI Afterburner - Best program for overclocking my GPU!
Furmark - I always use this after Overclocking my system to see if its stable, as this program stresses it.
Xsplit - Software to stream when playing, Requires you to have a good cpu + Connection if you want good quality!

Media player classic - I use this when VLC cant play some formats.
VLC - My choice when watching movies + music as it can play nearly ALL formats.
Windows live messenger - Even tho most people have abandoned this program, i still use it to chat with some people.
Pidgin - I use this when i need to be logged into several different chat clients at the same time (several msn accounts for instance)
Irssi - IRC Client, really clean & simple. Just as i like it!
Google Chrome - Fastest & most stable browser if you ask me :-)..
Imgburn - When i need to burn .img files or such to dvd's.
Daemon tools - When i have to mount images such as some movies, games or so. Or just simulate more drives..

Well, back to cleaning my room + preparing for format! I'll write more later ( i bought brand btw, silly damage lol)

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