Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Spring is coming!

Gotta say that today was the first "real" spring day for me!....

When i went down to the local supermarket and was on my way home, i felt that my long coat / rock is to warm to wear... And i see tiny flowers named "snödroppar" popping up everywhere

Also the flower "Smörblomma" is starting to grow..

When i see those 2 flowers coming up from the ground i know it spring..When its around 8+ Celcius outside, clear sky and sun..i just enjoy it!

Nearly all the snow is gone too so im not complaining hehe ;-), I dont like the winter at all!...Back to gaming now for me D:


  1. Yea its getting close to spring now!

  2. My spring has been crazy, snow one day and 70 degrees F the next! Looks like yours is a lot more pleasant!

  3. Spring always makes me depressing...

    The yellow one is called "bouton d'or" in my language :)