Monday, February 13, 2012

Trouble ^^..

Been having some trouble with formating the computer as one of my 3 harddrives has died (a 300gb 7200rpm from 2003...Thats quite good for a HDD!) So...Im simply relocating some files to make up for those 300gb of lost space (i had emptied the 300gb nothing was lost yay).

I'm thinking of starting to record again when i have formated....The only video that i have uploaded is this:

its from when i played dirt 2 quite alot..

But im thinking of making some small montages from bf3, LoL, Tf2 and such.

The only things i need is... Music & how i should do to not get my videos muted by all those companies..That dirt 2 video got muted on youtube because the song was copyrighted, even tho  i mentioned that the video was under the "fair use law"..

So yah, got any tips? Cheers.

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