Saturday, March 31, 2012

Livestream is up now & running, Testing it!

I'm currently testing & changing settings, gonna take a test match now atleast :3.. To see how it performs when gaming & streaming!
Testing the new beast now! Results later :3

Friday, March 30, 2012

Fixing stuff..

Decided to do my table ultra clean now before i'll install my new GTX 680 :-)... So gonna go offline soon, and then really clean it with soap and shit (not that its dirty..But this kind of soap makes the table abit less..static = less dust gets stuck on it = less cleaning for  like..a few weeks x)... I'll try to fix some pics later! :-D.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Aight.. I know i failed abit with the livestream stuff :-D.. I'll explain abit below!

I've been having some trouble with the drivers for my 5970..So well...Had to remove my OC & go back to 11.12 because the 12.1 drivers just made my OC extremly unstable & made me get BSOD's randomly.. = Couldnt get the livestream running.

But for some good news: School is calming down abit now! = More gaming!..Only got a test at thursday in Biology :-D.

And i have also ordered a new graphics card! I've ordered the Nvidia GTX 680 (From MSI).. Will be really nice to go back to Nvidia (went from a Nvidia 8800gt -> XFX 5970 and i have to sadly agree with the fact that Nvidia has WAY more stable & overall better support when it comes to drivers..). So when i got it up & running the live streams will start :-D.

Well..The weather is AWSOME today! Its 20C + outside today! about 18 in the shadow! :-).... I'm getting closer to my drivers license! There is 14 steps that you have to get accepted in, and i will start at step 10 tommorow :-)..So...I'm aiming to get my drivers license in may (My birthday is @ May 1)..

Well..back to studying! Cyaaa

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fixing stuff @ home...

Sup people?

I'm trying to set up the stream! I'll try to get it functioning during the weekend..Gotta have some free time that i can spend on tweaking to get the best performance & quality on the stream!

Today has been a slacky day but i've been doing stuff to..

What have i done today?

* I have cleaned my computer with compressed air, Dear god the PSU was dusty! When i started spraying air into it, a gigantic dust cloud instantly blew into my face... I've cleaned all parts but the PSU every that  explains it.

* Changed all the water in my computers watercooling, as it had dirt & stuff in it.. Temps went down quite abit :3..

*Cleaned my wardrobe and cleaned out some clothes... I found shirts that were 3XL..Thats XXXL lol..
I can't remember if i've mentioned it, But for about 2 years ago at this time i weighted about 150kg, And suddenly i decided to reduce my weight by starting to train and stuff!... And myeah..i succeded, Lost about 45kg in 3months or so, just by eating abit less & running 6 days a week atleast 2-3km :-).. So i still have some of my "Yabba de hut" clothes left.. I'll give my girlfriend the 3xl shirts, as she loves to wear them when she's here... As they cover nearly everything down to her knees :-D.

* Played & studied abit! Physics test woho >.<!!

So ya...

Tommorow: School, Cello lesson, Horseback riding lesson, Study, Sleep..Wont have alot of time to play :(.. But aya! :D

I'll upload pics of my room this weekend..And maybe some pictures of me before & after the weight loss perhaps D:..

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Studying & Preparing for livestreams!

Sup people?

Currently im studying physics for a test that i have on Friday... Pressure & temperature it is..Quite easy stuff :-)..

Other than that im preparing for starting to live stream! I will probably do a test tonight or tommorow, I will announce it later here! Cheers.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

School stuff is calming down...

FINALLY! Some free-time.... The last week has been nearly only STUDY STUDY STUDY...Im so tired of it!

On my to do list atm there is:

Math national test, Chemistry Genetics, Chemistry Acid's nd stuff...Biology Genetics, Chemistry report...

This week: Chemistry report
Next week (Week 12): Biology assassment and presentation, Physics test
Week 13:
Wednessday - Chemistry
Thursday - Biology

Unknown: Math test...Dunno when im gonna do that..

I've been gaming some, Mainly playing Yorick, Vlad, Veigar.... Its so fun when your ulti as veigar oneshots an AP teemo :3....  Horseriding is going awwsooommeeeee!...

Also the spring is here 100% now!.... Today it was about 14+ C outside! I LOVE IT!

Thats a picture i took today when i was outside on my bicycle... Its from the local golf track!..

Friday, March 9, 2012

Just bought yorick and hes extremly fun to play lol, I love how I can easily jump into 3-5 enemies and still have the upper edge because of the insane sustain that he has..15% reduced from ghouls, + armor + mr + regen from ghouls ^^...

Thursday, March 8, 2012


I just got home from the riding lesson, It went AWSOME...And i decided to test something that my mom had gotten when she bought herself a training tool (She needs to strengthen her shoulders due to her handicaped leg)...She bought a (Seriously, i know alot of people will go "LOL" at this) training item called "Shake weight for women"! And at the same time she got a "Shake weight for men"..And i gotta say, i was very "seriously? that cant be hard" before i tried it..

And after doing 2x 30second reps with both arms infront im dead tired, then doing it behind head above shoulders and with each arm..and im swetting.

I'm not weak guy if you wonder that since i can quite easily lift 100-120kg (im not a bulky guy, just alot of "raw power" ^^)...And this has made me exhausted, So i've decided to do this 2-3 times a day. Depending on which day it is (only twice a day if im riding at the evening, 3 if not). This should help me to improve my stamina in my arms :-)

Thats a picture of it and here is a video of it in action!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

School work!!!! GAH

Seriously, school is taking up way to much of my time atm!

Today: I have to do 1 Religion MVG (best grade in sweden) assassment, 2x biology reports... And each of these things are atleast 3-5 a4's big.. I also have to study chemistry as I have a test on Friday on that... I will faiiil :D