Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Fixing stuff @ home...

Sup people?

I'm trying to set up the stream! I'll try to get it functioning during the weekend..Gotta have some free time that i can spend on tweaking to get the best performance & quality on the stream!

Today has been a slacky day but i've been doing stuff to..

What have i done today?

* I have cleaned my computer with compressed air, Dear god the PSU was dusty! When i started spraying air into it, a gigantic dust cloud instantly blew into my face... I've cleaned all parts but the PSU every that  explains it.

* Changed all the water in my computers watercooling, as it had dirt & stuff in it.. Temps went down quite abit :3..

*Cleaned my wardrobe and cleaned out some clothes... I found shirts that were 3XL..Thats XXXL lol..
I can't remember if i've mentioned it, But for about 2 years ago at this time i weighted about 150kg, And suddenly i decided to reduce my weight by starting to train and stuff!... And myeah..i succeded, Lost about 45kg in 3months or so, just by eating abit less & running 6 days a week atleast 2-3km :-).. So i still have some of my "Yabba de hut" clothes left.. I'll give my girlfriend the 3xl shirts, as she loves to wear them when she's here... As they cover nearly everything down to her knees :-D.

* Played & studied abit! Physics test woho >.<!!

So ya...

Tommorow: School, Cello lesson, Horseback riding lesson, Study, Sleep..Wont have alot of time to play :(.. But aya! :D

I'll upload pics of my room this weekend..And maybe some pictures of me before & after the weight loss perhaps D:..


  1. Good luck on that physics test, I rocked a twenty on my last one. Maybe I should lay off the games a bit...

  2. Gratz on dropping the pounds man.