Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Aight.. I know i failed abit with the livestream stuff :-D.. I'll explain abit below!

I've been having some trouble with the drivers for my 5970..So well...Had to remove my OC & go back to 11.12 because the 12.1 drivers just made my OC extremly unstable & made me get BSOD's randomly.. = Couldnt get the livestream running.

But for some good news: School is calming down abit now! = More gaming!..Only got a test at thursday in Biology :-D.

And i have also ordered a new graphics card! I've ordered the Nvidia GTX 680 (From MSI).. Will be really nice to go back to Nvidia (went from a Nvidia 8800gt -> XFX 5970 and i have to sadly agree with the fact that Nvidia has WAY more stable & overall better support when it comes to drivers..). So when i got it up & running the live streams will start :-D.

Well..The weather is AWSOME today! Its 20C + outside today! about 18 in the shadow! :-).... I'm getting closer to my drivers license! There is 14 steps that you have to get accepted in, and i will start at step 10 tommorow :-)..So...I'm aiming to get my drivers license in may (My birthday is @ May 1)..

Well..back to studying! Cyaaa


  1. pff. Vem bryr sig om solen när man kan gamea?

    // Comely @ http://comelyc.blogspot.se

  2. GTX680 ! that's awesome! i still with my GTS250, haha that's lame !

    see'ya! don't forget to check my blog :D