Thursday, March 15, 2012

School stuff is calming down...

FINALLY! Some free-time.... The last week has been nearly only STUDY STUDY STUDY...Im so tired of it!

On my to do list atm there is:

Math national test, Chemistry Genetics, Chemistry Acid's nd stuff...Biology Genetics, Chemistry report...

This week: Chemistry report
Next week (Week 12): Biology assassment and presentation, Physics test
Week 13:
Wednessday - Chemistry
Thursday - Biology

Unknown: Math test...Dunno when im gonna do that..

I've been gaming some, Mainly playing Yorick, Vlad, Veigar.... Its so fun when your ulti as veigar oneshots an AP teemo :3....  Horseriding is going awwsooommeeeee!...

Also the spring is here 100% now!.... Today it was about 14+ C outside! I LOVE IT!

Thats a picture i took today when i was outside on my bicycle... Its from the local golf track!..

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  1. i guess i lucked out since im never that busy with school....yet