Monday, April 23, 2012

Long time since last post...

Heya guys!

I really have to explain myself now, On WHY i havent written anything in soon 1 month..

Well...Simply it has been alot of stuff going on in my life atm.Both good and bad.

1. School has been screwing up my "social life" when i could play, be with friends and so on..So yeah..I've had ALOT to do! And it will be like this for a few more weeks, but i can play now more atleast :D.

2. My grandfather died the 18th. He is the first person that i had a close relationship with that i have lost. So both..being a very close person for me and that he was the "first" loss made it much harder then normal i guess.. So i have been busy helping my grandmother (as my dad is currently in Denmark and wont be coming home before the next weekend) so she needs alot of help = time..Also the funeral and such needs planing.

3. I've been helping alot in the stables due to alot of people being sick that works there =  no time for comp again.. But yeah...

So yeah..

How is it looking now & in the future of the blog?:

Well, Things is definitly gonna be more active here now! As i'm getting more time free = i can blog more :-), Play more and all of that!

I'll see if i can upgrade my xsplit to pro! Because the sound quality of the "free" one is terrible..But well, atleast ill start streaming more, then upgrade.

Also, Its my birthday in 1 week! (1 may) so that means me getting celebrated and such.

Also it means that i can get my drivers license soon! As im doing all the necessary things such as "Driving in bigger cities".. And another thing that i could only explain as "Slippery track course" (Basicly that you get knowledge about how to do when there is ice / slippery roads..)

 :-), I've been studying the theory ALOT = should hopefully get it on my first time :D.  Cant wait!

But yeah guys! I'll write more tommorow! Tommorow we are going to the animal park with Biology teacher..As we are doing a big course work on animals behaviour and such. Will be quite interesting.

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