Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Physics studying, Music..

Sup people?

Currently studying physics!...Electronic stuff, Its quite interesting but boring to study :[ ... Well... Other than that ive played some Battlefield 3 when i finally got it to run without BSOD's with my GTX 680! :-).. I LOVE THE SKS with noscope in CQB :3..

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Awsooome day today!

Started with a national test in english, Pwned it as always... Then we had sports and we had different stuff like being in the gym, sprint competitions & ball games! Was very fun and its always fun to be in the gym and exorcise :-)..

But the best part of today was that me & my mother went to a place named "Vänersborg" (Its about 1 hour 30 min from where i live) because i was going to do the theory test for my drivers license there! (I didnt want to wait 1 week to do it in a city 3 miles away from here).. And yeah..NOW I HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE ! >:D, Was really nice to take the car all alone, drive to my girlfriend and just hang out abit ^^.. But i had to study math & english so didnt really have that much time..

But i gotta sleep now, Funeral for my grandfather tommorow! Really tired :-).. Nighty

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Awsome last few days!

Okey people!

So as i mentioned in my last post, it was my Birthday on May 1st!
We started celebrating me on the 30th (Monday) because my dad works in Denmark and had to go back there for an important meeting (He is the "boss" at a hospital there, so he couldnt say no to that meeting) so we started by celebrating me on the evening my having a small BBQ party with the family, friends & my GF.

But before the evening, I had quite early. 1 of the practical parts for taking my drivers license which was basicly knowing how to act when you loose the grip on ice & so on during the winter! It was very fun & interesting, I did NOT expect the conditions to change the driving that much D: ... My stop distance on dry ground was @ 70km/h about 20meters..But @ 50km/h it was close to 80-90 meters..

But later on the evening we had the small BBQ party that i mentioned.
We had 4 different types of meat (Ribs, chops, steaks and something else i cant remember) and to that we made our own potato fries in the oven... If i havent mentioned it, Im a 100% MEAT LOVER (L), Nothing is better than a big piece of nice BBQed meat :-)..

After eating ourself nearly to death we went inside, ate even more chips & snacks and watched some movies on the TV.

On May 1st, the day started with me getting my SUPERAWSOME present from my girlfriend, She had somehow managed to get me time with a private airplane pilot. That would take me with him for a ride & let me perhaps controll the airplane abit and fly around :-D.. I'm the type that LOVES flying and i have been flying alot during my life as when i was little, we lived in the northern part of sweden, And meeting relatives & so on would take to long by car = we had to fly!

But back to the present, Me & Thomas (the pilot) took off and he just did the last checkups on the plane when we were up in the air, Then he let me test the controlls abit like tilting to the sides, turning 360*, Going up & down and so on..

And he said that "You're doing really great even tho its very turbulent today, so i'll let you control the plane from now on until i need to take over or so"..

That ended up with me flying from Falköping, To Ulricehamn (where i live), to Borås and back to falköping! (Thats like...15-20 miles, took over 1h hour :-) )..
(A part of Ulricehamn where i live, Its about 650m above the ground when i took the picture)

(Thats the plane that we used, I managed to climb it up to about 1750 meter or so, max speed around 270km/h :-), Powerful machine!)

That was so awsome for me that loves flying, And im now planing on taking a certificate for an glider / motorglider!

Then later on the evening me & my sister and mom went to Borås and ate at one of my favorite restaurants... Jensens Beafhouse! (I LOVE MEAT :-D ), I took some awsome big steak with fried potatos, Was awsome!!!

Then the last couple of days ive just been in school, Driving lessons, Movie night with friends...


I will have the theoretic test for my drivers license! I hope that i will make it as i have studied very hard!
 And on Tuesday i have the practical part, and i complete both = i have my drivers license! Wooooo!

But im gonna go back to studying i think now...or...maybe some League of Legends...Cant decide.... We'll see later.. Hah

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Havent been @ home the last days!

Heya! i havent been at home for the few last days, As it was my birthday on 1st May :-), And the days before that & after had some fun & wierd stuff going on which made me unavailable to blog!

But ill explain this tommorow!