Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Awsooome day today!

Started with a national test in english, Pwned it as always... Then we had sports and we had different stuff like being in the gym, sprint competitions & ball games! Was very fun and its always fun to be in the gym and exorcise :-)..

But the best part of today was that me & my mother went to a place named "Vänersborg" (Its about 1 hour 30 min from where i live) because i was going to do the theory test for my drivers license there! (I didnt want to wait 1 week to do it in a city 3 miles away from here).. And yeah..NOW I HAVE MY DRIVERS LICENSE ! >:D, Was really nice to take the car all alone, drive to my girlfriend and just hang out abit ^^.. But i had to study math & english so didnt really have that much time..

But i gotta sleep now, Funeral for my grandfather tommorow! Really tired :-).. Nighty


  1. Congrats on getting your license! It's an awesome feeling. Freedom is the shit.

  2. Agree, freedom sux, drive car and don't try drugs!