Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Long time now!

Heya guys!

It has been a long while since i blogged now. Instead of just trying to come up with some good reason on why i haven't been writing i'll just be honest and say that i haven't really had the "gogo" feeling for blogging, so i let it rest so i would get more into it again and come back better than before ;-).

Lately i have just been slacking, starting excercising alot more! I have partly started to run alot again.

I think i wrote about it @ the start of my blogg, but i used to be running alot and lost over 50kg by just running everyday out in the forest for about 3 months. To loose that much weight was really hard but having a strong focus on the weight + thinking about what you eat makes wonders!

But last summer i kinda slacked with it and just focused on my horseback riding! But now again i have started to run.

To make my running more interesting & fun i bought a pair of very special shoes:

Those shoes are named "Vibram five fingers Spyridon". They are a barefoot running type of shoes that changes the way you run completely! My first run with these shoes was just amazing, hills & some parts of the tracks i run (its all out on small trails in the wood, so the ground can be very slippery) was really really bad that day due to how much it is raining atm..but these shoes made it so much more fun, easier  + that i'm now running faster and faster everytime i go! Its partly because you run in a much more "natural" way that makes it faster.

"Shouldn't these shoes hurt your knees and legs?! They have no cushion or anything!" 
The thing is when running with these shoes you run in a natural way as i said, and therefore your legs work as they should!

When running you land on your toes / front of the foot instead of the heel which makes your lower leg act as a "spring" and lets your heel lightly touch the ground = there is the cushion.. They are just wonderful!

But aya enough about them ;-)...

I've started going to the gym again to gain some strength & just excercise since it will help my horseback riding alot! So its alot of fun!

What about the gaming then? Im still gaming on full power haha :-), Alot of LoL, Diablo 3, Blacklight Retribution and bf3 sometimes with my cousin!

@ LoL i've moved to the west servers since i was really getting tired of east and its players...They are just terrible and that i missed some friends from the west side that i had to leave when the servers split! But im going strong and trying to play more and more ranked! im getting close to a 1300 rating! ;-)..Not high but hey! I had a loss streak of 8 games due to leavers, ragers and so on.. Why do people rage so much? :-(..

Well i will write more later tonight! Gonna go outside and enjoy some of the sun that we get (Ulricehamn where i live is the Rainiest part in having sun = rare lol)..

Cya tonight!

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