Friday, October 26, 2012

Tired! :)

I've been so tired lately, Partly due to alot of schoolwork, Gym everyday + not sorting out my sleeping schedule as i should..I mean..some nights i have gone to bed at around 01-02 am when im ment to go up at around 07.00 x)..

So i skipped going to the gym today to rest some & sleep more! Ate some icecream & bananas since its not all to "fat" and it tastes so good :3.

I'm thinking of buying the new champion elise, but i haven't decided yet...

Monday, October 15, 2012

Restarting @ a slower pace!


I have been away from the blog for a long time now. It has been due to lack of interest, time and i have been very busy due to school and family.

I can start by updating you on some stuff:

* I'm playing League Of Legends more than ever most likely, feels like it atleast! I'm not playing that serious now at the end of the season. I'm playing the roles & trying to become better at each one by perfecting my runes, timings and everything. Supporting is getting redicously fun now :-).

* Me & my girlfriend is still together, we've had our 2 years anniversary for a few days ago (10/10/10 was the date we became a couple ;-) ). Its going awsome as always!

* 1 of my systers has started studying in England now. So living 2 persons in 1 house with 28 rooms is quite lonely sometimes haha!

* I'm trying to learn how to program websites and so on. I did some HTML / Java earlier, but im starting from scratch to learn it all in to detail! So i will update here sometimes on my projects.

So what will change here on the blog? I will try to atleast blog / update every second day or so. :-) sitting @ a English lesson atm and watching a movie, gotta atleast look like im interested *sigh*. Will write later.