Saturday, March 16, 2013

Battlefield 4

Just as i mentioned in my earlier post, Battlefield 4 is going to be announced March 26th, so its about 10 days left. 

But there is several things that i'm really hoping for them to implement into Battlefield 4 so it just doesnt become Battlefield 3.5 *cough* cod mw3 *cough*.. I'll make a list for it:

* I'd love that the Commander role returns from Battlefield 2, The Commander role gave someone the responsibility to support the team, give out orders and such. This made the teamwork much more alive & active when you actually had a decent person sitting and doing that. Sadly i have a hard time seeing it work on consoles without dumbing down the controls & commands to much.

*Make it more personal like in Battlefield Bad company 2. The thing i didn't like about Battlefield 3 was that it was to "serious" & riggid, you could only move inbetween the lines that they had surrounded you with, In bc2 i could swap and be able to play basicly any role as any class, i could go for very silly builds like recon with sprint & only use the scout balls & knife people all round and still do decent, But in Battlefield 3 this is close to impossible due to how the game is designed.

* DESTRUCTIBLE ENVIRONMENT! Sure, Battlefield 3 had some destruction to some degree, but real terrain deformation, buildings collapsing and so on is what i really want. A mix between bf3's detail in the destruction + the size from bc2 would be perfect.

* Helicopter controls from bc2, this is a personal thought, since i preferred how the helicopters handled in Bc2 instead of bf3. 

*Less cookie cutter builds & make everything more viable depending on your playstyle. 

I've seen some players rip thrue others using only the mp-433 (personal favorite gun in bc2), or maybe the m1 garand (same there, personal favorite), some people can use the AA-12 like gods.. The weapon balance in Bc2 was brilliant since everything was viable depening on the players tho.

In bf3 i think it is to much of a cookie-cutter rule, some weapons are much better than the rest which makes every1 go for 1 "build"

* DEDICATED PRIVATE SERVERS: Makes the E-sport & Clan gameplay much easier to handle, currently you cant host your own servers since they wont give out the server files which restricts you to the rules that the hosts people has set up.


Mod's like Project reality, Desert combat and so on is what made all the older Battlefield Games so much better, the community can design & change whatever they want in the game and make it so much more fun depending on what you want.
The problem today is "editors is to advanced" according to the companies, but if a really dedicated modder wants to something, then he'll reverse engineer the modding tools & learn it by himself. There is no limits if someone wants to do something.

*Battlerecording / Spectate / broadcasting for clan & tournaments. It will help the game grow in e-sports so much, since right now that aint possible. Those small features bring so much to the game.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Long time silence!

Heya guys!

I've sadly been away from blogging alot due to alot of changes in my life :-), Mostly positive tho ;).

I've quit gaming to some degree since i haven't been playing LoL in 2 months, The only thing i've played since the start of the year is Crysis 3 singleplayer (post human warrior was quite easy, but maaan that story is awsome, They somehow managed to salvage the scrapes of the terrible Crysis 2 and fix the story quite well! ;-) ) & Battlefield Bad company 2.

Also me & the girlfriend broke up around the start of the year, Which i thought for like 2 weeks was the worst thing ever to happend, but now i'm glad that it happend since now when i think about it, i only got negative experience from that girl..So oh well, "there is other fish in the sea " ;-).

So whats up this weekend for me? Well..Im going up in about 7 hours  (gotta be at the stables at 07:45) for another horseback riding lesson, then i'm going shopping with my mother for some furniture stuff, then i'll see what happend @ the evening.

I also need to get a new lamp for the bed..since i managed to kinda...crush the one i have right now with my bed, broke of the plug thingy.

Sunday is the same, but i'll go to the stables at 10.45 instead since i got a private lesson for the best teacher at the riding school :-)..

Gotta add 1 thing tho for everyone that has been playing Battlefield for a long time or perhaps new fans? (Myself..1942 veteran here ;-) ):

Can't wait! Let's hope its only next gen consoles & PC. More games to wait for? Bioshock infinite <3