Friday, March 15, 2013

Long time silence!

Heya guys!

I've sadly been away from blogging alot due to alot of changes in my life :-), Mostly positive tho ;).

I've quit gaming to some degree since i haven't been playing LoL in 2 months, The only thing i've played since the start of the year is Crysis 3 singleplayer (post human warrior was quite easy, but maaan that story is awsome, They somehow managed to salvage the scrapes of the terrible Crysis 2 and fix the story quite well! ;-) ) & Battlefield Bad company 2.

Also me & the girlfriend broke up around the start of the year, Which i thought for like 2 weeks was the worst thing ever to happend, but now i'm glad that it happend since now when i think about it, i only got negative experience from that girl..So oh well, "there is other fish in the sea " ;-).

So whats up this weekend for me? Well..Im going up in about 7 hours  (gotta be at the stables at 07:45) for another horseback riding lesson, then i'm going shopping with my mother for some furniture stuff, then i'll see what happend @ the evening.

I also need to get a new lamp for the bed..since i managed to kinda...crush the one i have right now with my bed, broke of the plug thingy.

Sunday is the same, but i'll go to the stables at 10.45 instead since i got a private lesson for the best teacher at the riding school :-)..

Gotta add 1 thing tho for everyone that has been playing Battlefield for a long time or perhaps new fans? (Myself..1942 veteran here ;-) ):

Can't wait! Let's hope its only next gen consoles & PC. More games to wait for? Bioshock infinite <3

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